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  1. jfkirby

    Starts one day, all day, next day wont.

    You might check the kill switch and wiring. I had very similar problem and it turned out to be a bad butt splice in the kill switch wiring causing intermittent starts. Redid the butt splice and problem went away.
  2. Might not be the most glamorous mods but they make the boating experience much more enjoyable nevertheless. Last year installed extended swim platform. This year installed two 4" speakers on transom along with 2 remotes, one on the starboard side of transom and one by the throttle. Radio is up underneath the cuddy. Wife and kids love the mods too! Next mod is to add Seadek on swim step and swim platform. Boat is 2000 205SSe. Bought it new and have loved having it all 18 years.
  3. jfkirby

    Anyone have a 2000 chapparal 205 SSE

    Yep, I have that boat, same year same model. Glad to help but I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for. Can you be more detailed? Do you know if you have the original bimini top that came with the boat or an aftermarket one? I have the original from Chap.
  4. most likely an inline fuse. I had one stop working and that's what it was. If you have another plug somewhere else on the boat that you know is working you might switch it out to see if it's the plug itself or the fuse. took a while to find the fuse in the bundle of wires but eventually found it. local auto parts store should have the fuse. They're pretty inexpensive.
  5. jfkirby

    New Chap on Board!

    Don't be in too much of rush to wrap her up and wait for spring. As you probably know we get a lot of nice days in fall/winter in Texas that are nice for cruising around on a lake. It's not unheard of to have a 70 degree plus day in Nov/Dec. Enjoy!
  6. jfkirby

    Thinking ahead-winterizing gasoline

    move south and burn gas year round
  7. jfkirby

    186 Swim Platform for sale?

    I know you want to stick with Chap but you might give swimplatforms.com a look. I recently put one on my 2000 205 SSe and love it. Fits great and relatively easy to install if you're mechanically inclined. Just takes a while with at least 2 people. They were great to work with and beat their original quoted delivery time by a couple weeks.
  8. jfkirby

    Any Ideas?

    A few years ago I had a very similar problem. Turned out to be a butt splice in the kill switch wiring. The splice came loose and the intermittent contact caused the engine to not start sometimes. Redid the splice and it's never failed to start up since. I know this is a new boat but you never know.