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  1. Richard, max rpm's was approximately 4400 rpm on a couple of wonky tach's, pretty course readouts being small instruments and the boat was doing 40+ mph.If you send me an email will send you the video I took last week at 27-30 mph for the sound I'm getting.
  2. Richard..thanks again for the good information, The props are timed correctly and I have played around with different variations of tab positioning while on plane. I cannot get the specs on the front props as yet. I will have to go under with a mask on and hope the numbers are distinguishable through the murky water.From my correspondence with the marina that did the change out, the props are the same as were on the XDP drives except with the helical spline hubs installed to accept the new drives. Insofar as traveling along on plane the boat is doing 27-30 mph @ 3000 - 3400 rpm.This is with the trim still in max down and no trim tabs as I stated before, it only exacerbates the noise issue if I trim out. I have only had Mercruiser Bravo 2's and 3's before this and had no problems resembling this Volvo drive irregularity.I am beginning to believe that maybe the boat is over propped?
  3. Richard W..Thanks for your input.I do have trim tabs and have used them to get on plane and then reduce them to "O" as again the drives seem to be trimmed "up" although they are at max trim in.If I do trim up from what or should be their max trimmed in position it only makes the situation worse i.e. the drives are further out of the water pushing less water and possibly more air or ventilated water, also I am not aware if there is a trim limit on these Ocean X drives that can be adjusted.I have contacted Volvo Penta to take up this issue with the marina that did the composite swap out to the Ocean "X" drives.I have a video clip of the drives and sounds if am able to attach it...
  4. Cyclops..nice response to make one feel good from a knowledgeable boater, but comes nowhere near the resolution I am looking for.Thanks for the input. Bigger boats, bow up, wrong design, walk around capability,3000 rmp, wow!! Talk about getting away from the topic at hand, whew!! I think I have all the basic geometry figured out, I was looking for some real insight...
  5. Bt Doctur...I fully understand "my" control but I cannot lower the trim any more than where it is at the bottom which is still to high as evidenced by the exhaust noise.My question really is how do I remedy this out of whack trim installation.
  6. 2007 Chaparral 280 4.3 liter Volvo with new Ocean "X" DPS-B1 drives. (2.32 ratio with F8 props). I purchased this boat after new drives were installed by a reputable Volvo dealer in Montreal, replacing the XDP composites. Coming on to plane there is a distinctive exhaust noise from the exhaust outlet, beaver tail for lack of a better term.It is as if the exhaust pressure is displacing the water that would normally muffle the sound.(drives to high) This is while having power trim fully down and zero trim tab.The slightest touch on the trim up only exacerbates the problem.My suspicion is that the drive is not actually in the full down position and I am not aware of any trim adjustments that can be made in or out of the water. Any suggestions or resolutions are appreciated.
  7. Nada..No boat races, used to have the Gold Cup races but not for many years now and boat shows have also disappeared. They did have a small out of the water show a few years ago up at the old WW2 Air Force training site up on the hill, now known as Loch Sloy Industrial Park featuring Miss Supertest.III .The Picton Harbour in itself does not offer much in entertainment or food services either. You have to walk into town or cab it.
  8. Thanks, Sheherd1...The ratio on the Ocean X drives are 2.32 and I removed the rear props this morning to get the serial numbers and they were F8 3851478 3M port side and F8 3851478 7C starboard.I would believe these props were from the former XDP outdrives with modified hubs for the helical splines on the new drives. The reason I am looking for a proper sizing is that when on plane with this configuration it makes an aggravating buzzing from the props displacing water from the drive exhaust not totally out of the water but near enough to the surface to cause the noise. Picton Ontario
  9. Brick, I do not know specifically the prop designation but it appears to be too big as the back prop comes very near the exhaust port which in my estimation causes the exhaust to be disturbed as it exits causing a buzzing sound when on plane. The drives are Ocean X 2.32 ratio which were changed out last fall on the Volvo exchange program from the composite XDP drives.I only purchased the boat mid-July.
  10. Cyclops2..Thanks....I was really looking for what Chaparral would recommend or what prop size and what pitch other 280 Signature owners were running.I can appreciate the addition of fuel, water, and people in the determination of the optimum prop but I can't be changing and guessing at prop specs.I am looking for an average good performing prop for everyday cruising. The specs for this boat list it anywhere from 8200 lbs to 9500 lbs dry.Thanks for the info though, food for thought. Regards
  11. Good Day, I have a 2007 Signature 280 with the Volvo 4.3 OSi engine and now with new Volvo DPS-B1 OX drives (2.32) ratio as the replacement for the infamous XPD drives.What is the proper prop size and pitch sizing for these drives? Thanks in advance...
  12. Weld both hairline cracks!!
  13. Thanks for the input, folks.Now another question. When looking at the 280,290 and also the 310 , I noticed these models do not have the conventional stringer systems as most other makes employ.Is there any concern as to the lack of rigidity in the hulls of these Chaparral models or causing undo stress on the hulls leading to delamination or other unknown hull issues?
  14. I do not yet have a Chaparral but I am currently looking at a 2007 Chap 280 Signature 370 hours powered with 4.3 Mercs @220 HP with Bravo 3's. How are these engines insofar as dependability, fuel economy and lastly are they reasonable power for this size boat, say with fuel water and four persons on board? I previously had a '04 Rinker 312 with 5L mercs @ 260 HP which worked well. Any information would be welcomed.Thanks