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    Bow Cushion

    I had one made last year, wasn't too expensive. About $300 if I recall. Ask your dealer. They should be able to help..
  2. mjagmin

    Proper Boat Launch Protocol

    Any thoughts on proper boat launch protocol? Step by step, what have you found has worked well in developing a good routine? What nightmares have you experienced or witnessed? Any advice is appreciated.
  3. mjagmin

    Chaparral owners rally?

    When were you thinking?
  4. mjagmin

    Proper Boat Launch Protocol

    completely agree and understand... What lake are you on?
  5. mjagmin

    First boat ever, finally!!

    I've not heard of LEO ever towing a boat (at least not here in WI) Too much of a liability. I had a friend run out of gas and the Sheriff took him to the marina to load up a can and ran him back to the boat, but that was about it. They have a nifty app called BoatUS that you can download from the Google Play or Itunes store. From the app they have nearby services, weather info, and "call for a tow".... Might come in handy....
  6. mjagmin

    Newbie from Vegas

    Welcome to the forum. You'll find some awesome folks here with a treasure trove of knowledge.
  7. mjagmin

    Boat retrieval

    Well I like it and plan on plagiarizing it!!
  8. mjagmin

    Boat retrieval

    Is that an official term? "Bebop down the road..."
  9. mjagmin

    Proper Boat Launch Protocol

    Nice routine. All except putting the drain plug in...
  10. mjagmin

    Proper Boat Launch Protocol

    "Run back, jump in, back out, yell something derogatory about Glastron and show them the power of what 4.3 liters could do as I fly down the lake at a whopping 48 mph." - Priceless
  11. mjagmin

    Proper Boat Launch Protocol

    What is your "set routine?"
  12. mjagmin

    Proper Boat Launch Protocol

    What would be on your list?
  13. mjagmin

    Proper Boat Launch Protocol

    Check on teaching the wife to drive the boat.... that way, it becomes "our boat" and not...."my toy..." Thanks!
  14. mjagmin

    Looking to buy first boat

    I struggled recently with this same question. In the end, I went new. As a first time boater, not knowing much, I looked high and low for a good dealer with a good service department. I asked friends, asked others on the lake for their recommendations. Sure, if you've been boating for 20 years it's one thing. You feel comfortable working on engines? Fine. But if neither of those are applicable to you, newer is the way to go. Try to find a "last years" new model. The dealers want to move these and most should come with a full warranty starting in the year of purchase. It's a tough decision, no doubt. A ton of cash and let alone all the other expenses that add up along the way. But in the end you're getting this for fun. Worrying about what happens when things go wrong, isn't "fun." Put your mind at rest, go with new and you'll see that the extra 11k was worth it. Don't be "penny-wise" and "dollar-foolish.."
  15. mjagmin

    Brown stains on white vinyl

    Try this, I've found it works wonders on a variety of different stains... 50/50 water & white vinegar in a spray bottle. put some baking soda directly on the stubborn spot and spray it once or twice to get it going. use an old toothbrush and gently work the wet baking soda into the stain. Let it sit for 5 minutes Wipe it clean. Should work, but if not you may need to hit it again only this time instead of the water & vinegar combo, try the juice of a lemon along with the backing soda. use the toothbrush and work the lemon & baking soda mix into the stain. Again, let it sit for 5 minutes Wipe it clean.
  16. Have heard a ton of different ideas from trash bags to old coolers. Saw this on www.boatoutfitters.com. Wondering what the community does?
  17. mjagmin

    How many boats have you owned in your life?

    Two. A canoe and Chaparral 226ssx. I prefer the latter..
  18. mjagmin

    Drain plug size

    Word of caution on fittings (it's my life's work) Mixing metals is never a good idea. Plastic is soft, so using a brass (non-ferrous material) might sound good, but it is VERY EASY to overtighten. When you overtighten you actually go past the point of thread engagement on the plastic part. By using excess teflon tape, you're now asking the tape to do something it wasn't designed to do. If you have a brass base, then use a brass plug If it is plastic, use a plastic plug. Trust me.. And don't mix stainless steel with brass. Not a good idea mixing "ferrous and non-ferrous" metals. It promotes a "galvanic reaction" and corrosion starts. Hope that helps.
  19. mjagmin

    Where do you store your garbage on your boat?

    Well, hoping the fine folks at Chaparral are taking notice..
  20. mjagmin

    Where do you store your garbage on your boat?

    thanks for the link. I don't want to put a dedicated large trash can on board and just keeping garbage bags in the glove compartment isn't a good option that my wife likes. I will show her this link.. Thanks again!
  21. mjagmin

    Where do you store your garbage on your boat?

    Thanks for checking....
  22. mjagmin

    Where do you store your garbage on your boat?

    Thanks so much!
  23. mjagmin

    Where do you store your garbage on your boat?

    Do you know where she found them? Online? Any pics?
  24. This is a great idea. Give newbies a great chance to connect with the owners of similar boats. Some of the problems unique to their model of boat may or may not be relevant. This shouldn't be that hard to do. The views and opinions along with myriad comments certainly helps Chaparral make better boats. Why NOT do it?
  25. mjagmin

    Where do you store your garbage on your boat?

    So... How many, eh..."bottles" would you say it holds?