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  1. Works on multiple devices on my end......
  2. Rich, sorry for the loss. No words given what you did to the boat. I may get crucified for this but there are some people that should not be walking this surface of this planet. May karma strike and strike hard on the perp.
  3. I have a Voltage 3950 and one of the most common modifications that people make on their trailers is they replace the stock Akulet tires with J rated Continentals. Akulet are crappy Chinese tires. Some folks have had them burst literally on their delivery trip home. If they do burst the typical repair bill is about $4k for repairs.
  4. I saved my old carpet. The holes for the snaps in the deck are still there filled with silicon. If the sea dek wears out then I can always put the carpet back in. Of course wearing out the seadek does require me to actually use the boat.....
  5. I completely agree with you. If it doesn't buy you happiness, it can certainly distract you from the misery.
  6. Ric, I have provided you with a new picture for your avatar. Please change it immediately.
  7. They do, from Sperry Sunsiders or the errant dropped cocktail glass.
  8. Please elaborate on the boat if you will. I think this is interesting ship. I could see this being a real rock with twin Volvo 380's which are offered. There has been a lot of chatter on here about a lack of a cabin but some folks don't need or want a cabin. Thank you Ric for input here. I love the Formula 350 but I always think about trailering. I hate being tied to one lake.
  9. So I have 4 batteries on mine (yes, I am that kind of guy). Two interstate and two optima. For some reason they wire one each per bank. Not really sure why. My old boat was two interstate on 1 for house and two optima on bank 2 for crank. Oh well, they tell me this is better. Exactly as Wingnut has described. I had to get towed back one night after some hard partying at Party Cove and it was not pleasant. I had guests on the boat. On the Garmin, is your boat NEMA 2000 compliant? The new Volvo 6.0's are which is what is required to talk to the Garmin. On a side note and not to thread jack, but my winter project is to get a larger flat panel Garmin and have a custom dash fabricated into which it will set. I am going to get rid of my gauges (as many as I can) and use the Garmin to run the boat. Still in the research phase. GET A SECOND HOIST ON THE ENGINE HATCH COMPARTMENT IF CRAPARRAL HAS NOT ALREADY STARTED DOING IT. Mine came with one hoist/jack and a piston slave on the other side and after about 5 times of operation the piston/slave ripped out of the fiberglass it was screwed (not bolted because that would cost a few extra cents). Other than that enjoy, great ship.
  10. Just curious, haven't seen any posts yet on the 307.
  11. I just spent a few minutes catching up on this thread. As a 264 Volvo 6.0 owner I can tell you the boat is a rocket out of the holeshot. Planes very quickly and will trim down very well and plow through decent chop - it gets very windy from the south in lakes around Dallas with no hills to speak of to block it. I will get into a but of a tussle with a jet boat or another smaller boat and just trim down the drive and then the tabs and the boat will plow through the chop with modest speed loss. I cannot see how a 257 lighter and shorter would be better offshore unless the hull design is dramatically different. There is definitely less freeboard on the 264 versus my 276SSX. There is also much more under deck storage amidship. As for the Volvo 380, my only regret was not waiting for the 420 version. It is a great motor - so far. No issues at all - there was a recall that I received in the mail and brought the boat in - fixed. If you are going into salt get a closed loop sea core. Look at used boat ads. "Never been in salt water." is very prominent in boats being advertised along the costs and in Florida. Respective of everyone's opinion, I agree with going for the most horsepower. You will never say, boy I regret getting the big motor. Just be judicious on the throttle when running and you won't burn as much fuel. If anyone can figure out how to practically do that, please let me know because every time I am out there I pretend I am in the cockpit of an airplane with my hand on the throttle of two GE90's spooled and ready to launch me down the runway. Get what you are comfortable with, you will likely have to travel for a used boat because there are not too many on the market - especially this time of year. Be patient, there will always be more boats on the market and Chaparral is still churning them out.
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