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  1. Collins Marine where we bought the boat did contact the local Chap rep Aaron Krenzer. He did respond by email stating that Dan Osborn would call me after the July 4th factory shut down to discuss. Still waiting. Have emailed several times asking for the phone call promised. Now with no response from any of them. Dan stated that they would make a proposal that hopefully wouldn't break the bank. $15,000 puts a big hole in that bank.
  2. Just wanted to update my situation. Chaparral stated that they would put a proposal together that "won't break the bank". That "any assistance would be out of goodwill". With shipping it was $2,500 more than my local fiber glass repair shop. So much for assistance. On the slight positive side, I have had conversation with the dealer we purchased from. Waiting to see what he can come up with.
  3. Again it has been awhile in responding. I was hoping to come back with favorable news. Unfortunately not so. I realize it is a busy time of year for the boating industry, but for getting little, no response or the brush off from Chaparral and dealers is unacceptable. Little response from Chaparral, no response from one dealer (where I bought it) and the brush off from the one I didn't. My fiberglass repair shop wants to cut out the ski locker floor where there is a long crack and spider cracks to see the true extent of the hidden damage. Not sure if that is a good idea if Chaparral comes back with a proposal. I feel it could be a way out for them because it was cut into.
  4. jhole, The surveyor for my insurance company said that he has seen this situation on 2 other Chaps. Delaminating with no signs of impact.
  5. It has been awhile since I have been on. In that time per recommendations, I did reach out to Chaparral. 5 emails and several calls there has been no response except for you are not forgotten, have been busy. Pretty much a brush off. This is not what I expected from a reputable manufacturer.
  6. Hull was checked for moisture by surveyor and was found. My fiberglass repair shop will be cutting open to see extent of damage. Can't wait for that report. My question to Chap is how this can start happening when it was 7 yrs old.
  7. What is wet slipped?

    1. Futzin'


      boat parked in a dock slip, in water, not on a lift.  Handy, but hard on the hull over time.

  8. Boat is a Finger lakes boat and the Thousand islands. And what is wet slip?
  9. First 4 pictures were patched last spring. The 5th picture is what I found after last season. Had an estimate done by a fiberglass specialist. Insurance had a surveyor inspect and concluded that there was no sign of hard impact. There was moisture in the floor which caused internal damage. Little did I know last season that delamination was starting. I now am more knowledgeable on what it is. We beached it occasionally on a sandy beach. So I thought it was something that we did. Surveyor stated that that was not the cause. Delamination is what cause it. My boat repair guy will be cutting into locker floor to see what lies below. We are the 3rd owner of this boat which is why warranty is issue.
  10. Unfortunately I am not the original owner.
  11. I have a 2008 Sunesta 224 that has delamination issues that we noticed the end of the 2015 season (7 yrs old). Had the spots fixed last spring. Noticed a cracked hull at the end of last season. Had it looked into and am now up to $12,000+ in repairs to fix. All due to delamination. Have had to 2 other supposedly less substantial boats before doing the same boating that we do now with no hull issues. I am baffled as to how a hull can start to deteriorate in 7 years.