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  1. KarstenMehlsen

    zippered cover for Bimini-top, 206 ssi

    Yes, I know.... but the problem is, that this item does not have a parts-number in the parts-list available at chaparralboats.com and I cannot contact Chaparral boatd directly..... there is no email-adress available on their website.... the only way to contact them (via the website) is through a "contact-formula...". And messages send through this formula is redirected to my local (national) dealer... an they don't seem to be interested in helping me..... so I'm as mentioned desperately trying to find out a way to contact someone, who can help me... i have seen earlier responds to my question here on this forum-page advicing me to contact cecilmarine... i'll try that.. thank you karsten
  2. KarstenMehlsen

    zippered cover for Bimini-top, 206 ssi

    Hi There. I'm desperately trying to get hold of a new zippered cover for my Bimini-top. My boat is a Chaparral 206, ssi, year 2011, identification number: US-FGBW0292E111. I have tried my local dealer, but they just claim "we cannot get that one from Chaparral boats...." I have then tried to contact Chaparral boats directly..... but my "message" to them via their website is delivered to my local dealer..... - the one who cannot help me... :-( Can that be true ?? - That it is NOT possible to get a replacement for a zippered cover for a boat, that is not more than 6 years old ?? Does anyone know an e-mail-adress to some helpfull people at Chaparralboats ? - or does anyone know someone, who can produce such a zippered cover Help please.... Very Best Regards. Karsten, Denmark