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  1. Hello, does anyone know what the exact stock width of the anchor for the H2O 21 Sport is? I got a performance 2 fluke anchor as a replacement from WestMarine and the stock was much longer. I heard that cutting the stock shorter is not necessarily the best option due to the galvanization. The Chaparral web page shows “Horizon Anchors”, but I can’t find anything of this company.
  2. Jeff, what did you do to "prep" it? Mine is inside and should be okay since it is a concrete structure but still would like to know.
  3. Great. Haulover gets loud and crazy...agreed. We are out pretty much every weekend. Crossing my fingers that the weather will stay as it is.
  4. So the boat finally arrived and we had 2 weekends of fun. Thanks you all for your answers. At keystone point marina I got gas twice so far as North Beach Marina unfortunately doesn't have a fuel dock.
  5. Hello, we are getting quite frustrated with our dealer/sales person. She constantly tells us that she will reach out to Chaparral for an update for us regarding the delivery date. Then she tells us, in 2 weeks they are expecting a big delivery and she will tell us the week before if ours is part of it. We try to contact her, she doesn't answer. Perhaps I am expecting too much, but the dealer should be able to get an answer pretty easily - especially when the delivery date is (hopefully!) around the corner. Am I wrong? What would be my chances to get an answer from Chaparral myself? I am tired of trying to go through the dealer with zero outcome. Thank you.
  6. Do either one of the drones have the follow me function? P3 I believe didn't have it and they changed Gaby with the P4 - which still comes in at a hefty 1.5k depending on the version. So would be interested to know if they do have the feature.
  7. Thanks guys. Much appreciated and great to hear that a couple of late nights are possible.
  8. Hello, So we finally found the marina where we wi keep our boat - once she arrives. It is located just off the intracoastal in Miami. We did a tour today and the owner stated that it is brackish water and during rain season the open the dam and it is almost fresh water. Now I hear all of these horror stories: don't keep your boat in the water if you have an IO, the salt is toxic, etc. We will arrive most likely quite often after operating hours (until 6 pm) and therefore will have to leave it in the water until the next morning. Is there any concern? I wouldn't think so, but wanted to see what you think? It's a 21' H2O Sport with the Volvo SX 200. Also, how long do you need to flush this engine to feel comfortable? Thank you in advance. Philip
  9. +1 thanks for the feedback. Makes sense.
  10. Hi everyone, I am still waiting for my first boat to get delivered, so I am spending an awful lot of time on the internet and on YouTube. Why is every review always positive? I understand that boat manufacturers use boattest.com and boats.com for example as channels to advertise their products, but it appears to be across the board. Never a really bad boat, bad ride quality - always great. If criticism, then that the glove compartment is not deep enough. Why is this industry so different from the car industry? Here you have comparisons, rankings, and somewhat (yes, I know - also not always the case) objective reviews. Or is it due to the fact that at least for the smaller boats they grab more or less out of the same box anyway - Volvo vs Merc - that's it. Rest is "just" the hull and the thing is is expected to do (floating), it does just fine...! I really try to understand what the reasons are. Perhaps I looked at the wrong sources, but if so, the good one seem to be very hard to find. Even in other counties than the US it appears to be the same. One big happy family...? Thank you all in advance for enlightening me! Phil
  11. Hi Brick, It was my understanding that it differs from state to state, but I might be wrong. If a USCG requirement I would assume that my dealer would include a paddle in the so called USCG package?!
  12. Thank you all for the feedback. I get an idea. Did I mention that we may have 8+ people on the boat?
  13. Hello everyone, while I understand that in some states it is required to have oars aboard, I wanted to ask if you see any actual practical purpose. I don't think it is required in Florida. Therefore, the question: should I get them for a 21' H2O? Around Miami we have plenty of towing services. The only use I could see in case of an engine fail and while waiting for the tow boat you are drifting towards an obstacle. Then again the question, will you actually be able to move a 21' with two telescope oars? Thanks in advance for your answers! Phil
  14. Thank you all for the very helpful feedback!
  15. Yes. Was thinking the same thing. You get out and start already thinking about getting back. What is normal? 5pm or later? During summer I would love to have a marina that works until 8 pm. So I just wanted to see if they exist. Does not to be Florida specific, but just to get an overall understanding, so I don't get into a marina and regret it afterwards.
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