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    For Sale

    Are we allowed to post a chaparral boat for sale anywhere in this forum? thanks in advance
  2. BarryW


    I have a 2007 236 SSI and the center oval cover with 2 vents fell off in the water and is gone. I have one of the vents. The part is no longer available. It is part number 12 on the parts list. Any ideas on where to get one would be helpful!
  3. BarryW


    Thanks for the replys guys. Also on a side note, do you know what the correct prop size should be? I seem to be over revving the rpm's.
  4. BarryW


    Yup...even spoke to the factory and was told same thing.
  5. BarryW

    Prop Size

    I have a 2007 236 SSI with 70 hrs. OEM motor was a Merc 5.0. This boat sat for 5-6 years in storage and after about 10 hrs of use last year after I bought it, the motor took on water and then TaTa to the motor. I replaced it with a new merc 5.7 and all is good now but it seems like it over revs way too much. Like to the point that the alarm goes off. Over 5,000 rpm's It has a swim platform and I dont have a trailer so it is not to easy to get to the prop to see what I have and what maybe I can change it to to find the right size and pitch. It get's out on plane pretty quick but when you give it 3/4 throttle, it rev's too high. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Barry
  6. BarryW

    Prop Size

    Alpha One. When drive is all the way down, it seems ok, but still might over rev a bit. When you try to trim it up just a bit to give you less drag, it really revs high and starts to cavitate!