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  1. biker4life60

    First boat ever, finally!!

    LEO = law enforcement officer and Sea Tow / Boat US are towing companies for the water. Effective but not cheap.
  2. biker4life60

    New boat need advice on prop choice

    He has not suggested anything yet, too soon really. Now were considering changing our minds and ordering the 21ft ski n fish which changes everything, lol. Thanks for the warm welcome. We will let you know how it plays out.
  3. biker4life60

    New boat need advice on prop choice

    Hi everyone, we just ordered a new Chaparral H2O 19' FS with the Mercury 4.3L 220hp motor. The dealer has agreed to throw in a SS prop as part of the deal. Assuming I had my choice of brands and types, does anyone have recommendations? If the goal is top end? What if the goal is best economy? This will be my first brand new boat but I have owned a couple of bass boats in the past. Interested in the Enertia and the Vensura or maybe another brand depending on what I learn. Any help appreciated.