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  1. 330Signature

    Signature 330 Flooring Options.

    Thats my plan is PE on swim platform, infinity luxury woven vinyl in cockpit and loni seal in cabin Wondering what everyone else is running and how its holding up.
  2. 330Signature

    Signature 330 Flooring Options.

    What does everyone have for flooring on the swim platform, cockpit and or cabin? Exploring options
  3. 330Signature

    Signature 350 Carpet

    Infinity luxury Woven Vinyl. Its the only way. Look at "better then teak 2" I will be buying it for my cockput this year. I've done my homework. Its excellent against wear and staining. Snapincarpets.com should have. Double check or call them. Sometimes not listed online.
  4. 330Signature

    Loose Bravo III drive

    Had similar situation . Thought it was gimbal shaft and pin until I looked closer and realized it was just the inner tie bar that was worn. Bought new one and its going in this season. Gimbal ring was fine.
  5. You mean vent above the counter right? I drilled a hole between the seat and side cabinet that faces the aft cabin and mounted a vent there. Blows right into the aft cabin and when I shut the original on the counter it pushes all air to the aft cabin. Helped substantially.
  6. I added a AC vent in the guest stateroom of my 330 Signature to blow air back into the sleeping area. The original setup only had one vent on the counter and really didn't push into the aft cabin. I wonder why they didnt do that from the get go. Helped a alot. Also installed a 110 outlet, wall mount TV and USB's in the aft cabin as well. Definately a must so the kids can go in there and have there own tv to watch their own stuff so we can watch ours when on long trips. Installed (2) 12 volt USB outlets on side wall near the galley for charging. Use it all the time.
  7. 330Signature

    Port Engine lost power - Need some help please

    Have you scanned the smart craft for codes? Have you checked the color of the oil?
  8. 330Signature

    NEMA 2000 gateway CAN data cable assistance

    I did it on my 350 MAg MPI Horizons. I am unsure if harness is in the same spot.
  9. 330Signature

    Chap 330 owners which grill stows topside?

    Put it on the port side. Much better spot. Too much going on on the starboard side.
  10. 330Signature

    Bravo 3, replace 26P with 28P prop?

    dont do it
  11. 330Signature

    Chap 330 owners which grill stows topside?

    youll be very happy
  12. 330Signature

    Chap 330 owners which grill stows topside?

    I bought a Magma A10-801 grill. Mounted on a pedestal on port side swim platform. I store it under the aft seat on port side. Both the grill, pedestal and clip on tray all fit nicely in there. Works well.
  13. 330Signature

    2006 330 Signature Engine Mount Cracks

    To be honest they are fairly common on the 330 Signature and 350 Signature. Most times nothing to really worry about. Mine had 1 and we tested it and was bone dry. Just attributed it to a crack on the glass from 14 years or use but only surface deep. They do sell special epoxy resin that you can drill holes in and inject the resin to harden like wood without tearing it all apart. works quite well. If all else checks out I wouldnt hesistate because of that. Have the Volvos checked out. Thats more important.
  14. 330Signature

    330 Signature Davits

    Ya problem with that is weaver davits or those work just fine for a small dingy with a SMALL motor. But with me and DMC we have 10-12ft Rib boats with 10-15 hp outboards. They cannot be supported by something like that. Needs to be more robust.