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  1. perfectly fine to use a heavy 12 gauge extension cord with shore power adapter if you are only leaving on the battery charger. I do it every year. no issues.
  2. bump for anyone on part numbers?
  3. I bought mine from Diablo Royale. Very bright light. So far one full season and still working good.
  4. All sounds good. Looking to see how she runs when shes back in. When the shaft fails on the pump time to change it . Just did mine too. Go with a Hardin Stainless pump if you can. A nice improvement over OEM. Good luck!
  5. Anyone know the part number or specs on a 04 Chap 330 Sign internal tie bar running B3 drives? Mine is rusty and I want to replace it but cannot locate a part number.
  6. I've talked with Penny Bridge few times over the years when I was looking for a Chap and again when I was looking to upgrade. Nice people.
  7. Check the drive swivel shafts for the steering......
  8. Thanks for the input. We checked out a 370 this weekend in NY. Ill share my thoughts when I have more time to do a write up.
  9. Just redid whole sound system on my 330. I can save you the hassle of guessing and trying things out to see what works. Just shoot me a pm. You dont need to break the bank to get good sound. Depends on what you are looking for.........a loud clear sounding system with good bass response ...........or a pumping system that will vibrate you windshield loose and kill your batteries in 2 hours lol. I went the clear and loud system route. Placement of the speakers is key to get a full sound.
  10. Just little far but thank you very much for the offer. I may still take you up on the visit though. In the mean time........tell me more about your 350 and what you like and or dislike about it. Ride, power, quality etc. Thanks for responding!
  11. Looking for anyone with a 2004- to 2008 Chaparral 350 Signature in South Western, CT area. We currently have a 330 Sig and are considering moving up to a 350 Sig. Really like to check one out in person before we commit. Anyone have one locally that wouldn't mind giving us a tour ?
  12. We have a 04 330 which is a bit different then the newer 2014 but I cannot say one bad thing about my 330 Sig. Great boat, roomy, nice ride and very good quality. I wouldnt hesitate. Mercruiser or Volvo are both good engines. I prefer Mercs because I know them but for the right boat wouldnt hesitate on a Volvo. Long as not XDP drives.
  13. My alternator was intermittent and when the batteries were fully charged they were reading over 12 v so it was hard to tell the alternator wasnt charging . Also the isolator and battery switches allowed either alternator to charge both batteries. So I would get close to same volts not realizing other alternator was trying to take up the slack. Had to disconnect wire from alternator and then test to get a true reading.......tricky.
  14. Sounds like you have a charging issue. I had very similar issue on mine that took a while to trouble shoot because it was intermittent. I replaced the battery thinking it couldnt hold a charge which it wasn't but failed because it was constantly being discharged and recharged all the time due to a failing alternator. Test the voltage at you alternator positive terminal first and work you way to batteries. So alternator, wiring to battery isolator, voltage at isolator, wire to battery, then battery. Running the voltage should be about 13.4 V at alternator and 13 v at isolator ( drop in voltage normal on a isolator) its essentially a bunch of resistors. Hope that helps
  15. ok mine was redone so I guess wouldnt apply. I can fold the back bar forward and the front bar backward. Look for the small thumb screws on the bars and that will allow you to seperate the strut support bars.