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  1. 330Signature

    Chap 330 owners which grill stows topside?

    Put it on the port side. Much better spot. Too much going on on the starboard side.
  2. 330Signature

    Bravo 3, replace 26P with 28P prop?

    dont do it
  3. 330Signature

    Chap 330 owners which grill stows topside?

    youll be very happy
  4. 330Signature

    Chap 330 owners which grill stows topside?

    I bought a Magma A10-801 grill. Mounted on a pedestal on port side swim platform. I store it under the aft seat on port side. Both the grill, pedestal and clip on tray all fit nicely in there. Works well.
  5. 330Signature

    2006 330 Signature Engine Mount Cracks

    To be honest they are fairly common on the 330 Signature and 350 Signature. Most times nothing to really worry about. Mine had 1 and we tested it and was bone dry. Just attributed it to a crack on the glass from 14 years or use but only surface deep. They do sell special epoxy resin that you can drill holes in and inject the resin to harden like wood without tearing it all apart. works quite well. If all else checks out I wouldnt hesistate because of that. Have the Volvos checked out. Thats more important.
  6. 330Signature

    330 Signature Davits

    Ya problem with that is weaver davits or those work just fine for a small dingy with a SMALL motor. But with me and DMC we have 10-12ft Rib boats with 10-15 hp outboards. They cannot be supported by something like that. Needs to be more robust.
  7. 330Signature

    330 Signature Davits

    I am still undecided. I fabricated , my own brackets and star board to clamp onto the existing swim platform rail but worried its too much weight on the rail. Been looking at Trick Davits, Hurley Davits etc. Issue with ours is the railing is in the way and also the platform has a slight rolled lip to it. Possibly adding blocks to go over the railing would work but would be an eye soar when the dinghy isnt on.........
  8. 330Signature

    Mercury Smartcraft how to?

    heres the parts list
  9. 330Signature

    Mercury Smartcraft how to?

    Its pretty easy. Just need to make a simple NMEA network and then buy some EOL resisters, a cable or 2 of 2 motors and your gateway.
  10. 330Signature

    330 Signature Davits

    back from the dead. Still searching for the right solution
  11. 330Signature

    2004 sig 330 questions

  12. 330Signature

    Freshwater boat...really?

    keep in mind you still need to remove the drive, bellows and gimbal housing as well to remove the pins
  13. 330Signature

    2004 Chaparral 330 Signature Hull Color

    Looking to get a patch kit from Spectrum. Anyone know the exact hull color.........mission white?
  14. 330Signature

    Freshwater boat...really?

    Don't need new transom assembly. Just need new steering arm and most likely Swivel Shaft. As many have said the JR Marine kit is the best and NuWave Marine sells the stainless swivel shaft, steering arm and all seals and parts to dissembly. Literally just bought all this to do mine and found out all that was wrong was my inner steering tie bar needs to be replaced not swivel shafts. So I am sending it all back. Was about $650 -$800 in parts total.
  15. I have a 04 Chapp 330. Removing those front two panels on left and right of the mirror is going to be a bear. I was trying to to get the old speakers out to no avail. As most have said the 330 has ALOT of headroom so unless yours is sagging alot seems off you would hit your head. I redid the headliner in my other boat and found that the 3m 90 second spray adhesive worked VERY well if you follow the directions.........spray both sides,,,,,,,wait......then push into place and use a wood roller or empy 4 inch paint roller to smooth it out. The holding capacity of the 3m is outstanding once its dries and tacks very quickly.