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  1. Iggy wouldnt say that. There are plenty of 330 Sigs on here lurking.... BLock is on my list to do next year. Just got back from Essex Island this past weekend. Was nice trip. Mystic later this fall.
  2. need more input on this. I am going on a trip in few weeks and need to get a plan figured out to carry my 310 RIB with a 15 hp and not pull motor. Fire away guys. I know Hurley is a option. What else is out there or have people designed and installed them selves?
  3. check and see if the flappers inside the y pipe are stuck or jambed up. might be causing it to overheat and spew out water because no where to go
  4. Did you check the main breakers and stuff on the panel etc. Is tether switch pulled out or fall out? You can manually power boat with to battery terminals on back hatch in my 330 with a remote battery box. See if that does anything. Sounds like its just off.
  5. Did you install the light as per specs? Depth etc? I did on mine and my swim platform is bigger then yours and although its not blasting past it its pretty dam bright and get lots of compliments and people are amazed its only 1 light. 2 would be ideal for my setup. I would definately buy the Vega again.
  6. have the motors scanned to tell the true hours. It will also show you how the motor was driven and used . 4xx hours driven at WOT or mostly idling and cruising..... As I always say better to buy a boat that's been used and in service when you get it as there are less chances of things suddenly going wrong and you know its being used.
  7. So I decided it was time to buy a dinghy for my 330 Signature so we can hop between places when on the hook. Its a 310 Rib boat. I prefer the davits that pivot and slide onto the swim platform since we have a 15 hp 4 stroke its hard to remove that every time. Wondering what setups people have out there for our boat. Fire away !
  8. If in doubt always go bigger. You will never regret. Going smaller you will. Test ride it and look at one and I think the decision will be easy
  9. back from the dead. Anyone? Travis did not reply..
  10. Can you elaborate on this. Are you referring to the smart craft harness on motor or under dash?
  11. Subscribed for results with your new gas! Man we use 50-75 gallons every weekend we go out You must not drive very far that often. I put startron in at every fill up. If you add that to yours it'll make gas burn like its new again.
  12. So best you have pulled off on your latest run is 38 mph correct MPM?
  13. Actually no they go by the foot and they really hooked me up this time. First haul out charged me $200 to haul it and power wash while I swapped the props, second time just charged me $100. Love to see someone elses results on the lift. I agree numbers seem to good to weigh that much I guess unless its a factory freak lol. I've had a few high performance cars like that.
  14. Either scale is off or boat is doing really well with all that weight and those small blocks....