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  1. murphydog

    power ratins on Merc 5.7

    More great information! You guys have told exactly what i need to know. I had a surveyor yesterday tell me he likes the 300 hp magnum better than the big blocks. I'm sure the. 300 hp is the smallest I will go, but if I can find the right big block I might go with that. The big blocks seem to be harder to find thanks again!
  2. murphydog

    power ratins on Merc 5.7

    Thanks for that input. I have come to the conclusion that the minimum I should get is the 5.7 mag with 300 hp. Or a big block if I can find one. Those seem to be few and far between
  3. murphydog

    power ratins on Merc 5.7

    I am shopping for an older (1998 to 2005) Chap 260 signature cruiser. As i see different ads, I see the merc 5.7L that interests me, but with many different H.P. ratings. Can someone please explain how the 5.7 L merc engine can have different H.P.? I've been told i should get at least 300 H.P. But Ive seen 5.7s with as low as 250 H.P Also I would entertain a big block, but I have yet to see one for sale. Any thoughts?
  4. murphydog

    260 signaure

    Thanks IdahoPearl. I was told by an "expert" at a boat dealer here in Cincinnati to stay with a 350 Mag 5.7 300 HP Bravo 3 dual prop. I've noticed some for sale listed at 260 ? hp. Is that OK or underpowered? Thanks
  5. murphydog

    260 signaure

    My wife and I are searching for a 260 Signature, We want to stay at $30,000 or less, so we are looking for probably early to mid year 2000's. Are there years, engines to stay away from? Which model, year, engine, should we buy? Would love to talk to someone knowledgable on these older 260 signatures. Thanks