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  1. Knappster 4918

    Outdrive troubles

    Mercruiser outdrive not sure what type. No visible damage motor turns over for about 2 seconds sort of a drag sound prop does move in the neutral position. Last time I went out second time out this year the gear lube reservoir was empty called the shop they said there could have been air bubble so I filled it up . today the third time out it was again empty so I filled it half way
  2. Knappster 4918

    Outdrive troubles

    So I take my 1995 chaparral 1930 out for the third time today boat is running excellent next thing I know al alarm goes off and the boat loses all power it’s like I hit the bottom although it’s 10 feet of water. I go to start the boat nothing, I have to get towed in I put the boat in the trailer and now I have gear lube puddle underneath the outdrive. Suggestions please
  3. Knappster 4918

    Help alarm sounding constantly

    That's the crazy part of it all. I had the whole out drive serviced including new impellers installed at beginning of the season. Thanks for the input maybe time to take it to the shop
  4. Knappster 4918

    Help alarm sounding constantly

    any suggestions, I went out the other day and alarm would not stop. I checked engine oil it's perfect, engine temp was not the issue since I just started the boat, drive lube looked good. Once I gave it some throttle the alarm stopped, but when I turned it real sharp alarm sounded then went off. I shut the boat off when I pulled into the dock, started it once more to go back out and alarm sounded again. I have had issues with my throttle very hard to push down and can not find neutral sometimes could this be the issue with the alarm sounding new to baiting and very frustrated
  5. Knappster 4918

    Strong smell of gas coming from ski locker

    I just bought my first boat last month a 1995 1930 ss, have taken it out 3 times and there is a strong smell of gas coming from the floor ski locker also it looks like there may be gas inside ski locker any suggestions