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  1. Thanks I tried different box cords plugs also disconnected the batteries
  2. Need help.. my reverse polarity light is on, I am getting the right 120 voltage and I checked all the connections, I also plugged into a different outlet and used a different plug and cord. I disconnected the batteries and the light is still on, I shut off all the breakers still on.. Any ideas for the Chaparral family?????
  3. Good day Chaparral family can someone send me some pictures of there AC unit in there boat. I am getting mix advice from a lot of people and I would like to see it for my self. You can email it to me at beegal3157@gmail.com or text it to me at 215-768-4100.
  4. I have the same boat with AC, I just got a unit but can't find anything online to install can you email me some pic on can you give me a call 2157684100 thanks
  5. I have a 2003 240 signature and I am have issue with my bottom paint webbing and cracking.
  6. OEM Volvo Penta Stern Drive Transom Trim Tilt Sensor Sending Unit 3594989 Did anyone replace this part without taking the drive off?
  7. how did you make out with your boat
  8. I had a similar problem last year replace a lot of parts had a Volvo mechanic put the computer on it and found it was the Map sensor. 15 min l was back in the water... Good luck
  9. I am having trouble starting my 2003 Chaparral 240 Signature with a Volvo Penta 5.0 gxi. When I try to start cold It starts then cut off after 2 second, then I try to start again and it just cranks? When I move the throttle a little it start right up and I am fine..... Any ideas?????
  10. I have a horn problem that need to be replaced it up on front starboard side next to the anchor. I have no way too get to it from the v bunk and the chrome face place has no screws I am thinking it held on by cyclone or a 2 face tape? Can someone help me with this Thanks....
  11. Thank you it's a 2003 240 signature
  12. Welcome I have 2003 240 signature..
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