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  1. Welcome
  2. I have a horn problem that need to be replaced it up on front starboard side next to the anchor. I have no way too get to it from the v bunk and the chrome face place has no screws I am thinking it held on by cyclone or a 2 face tape? Can someone help me with this Thanks....
  3. Thank you it's a 2003 240 signature
  4. Great info guys thanks
  5. Welcome I have 2003 240 signature..
  6. Thanks that make sence
  7. Thanks the max i can do is 4700 and the sweet spot is 3800 I thought i should be able to get it to 5500 rpm but i cant Is the any adjustments on this???
  8. Would like some info on RPM on a 5.0 volvo penta gxi-b what is the highest rpm you can go and what should the sweet spot be rpm TY.
  9. Good news my battery came back to normal I was at the cove for 6 1/2 hour and I keep the switch on house and after 6 1/2 hour the house battery started the engine. I was shocked it started? My crank battery was fully charged if the house did not work.... I thought I was going to have to buy new battery but I am in good shape now......
  10. I have 2 batteries in my 2003 chaparral 240 signture and I had the boat plug into shore power with the battery charger on for about 5 weeks, when i got the boat fixed the engine started fine because it was plug in, when i went out on the river and shut the engine off and put the switch on the house battery i was able to use the radio and lights but when i tried to start the engine it just clicked. When i went to look at the batteries there was a little bit of water in them, so i put distille water in both batteries and put them on a slow charge and I am hoping they come back any thoughts.
  11. Great new I am back in the water.. It was the map sensor! If anyone has a Volvo Penta only use a certified Volvo service center, because they have the software and the computer to find the problem. Happy boating...
  12. What i mean by Volvo Penta certified is the shop has the Volvo Penta computer and software and they are a cerifield Volvo dealer? If you not a cerifield dealer you will not get any help from Volvo....
  13. Just make sure you have a certified Volvo Penta service near you with the software and computer...
  14. I just bought a 2003 240 Signature and I thought I did all my research but I forgot to ask my mechanic if they are Volvo Certified. That's very important to ask. so you don't run in the same problem that I am going throw know. Good luck
  15. Thanks I will, the good new is the cost of the diagnosis is $100.00 but then what comes after? Also I put the boat back in the water and I can enjoy some dock time on the boat.