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  1. Hours are definitely not an issue. My old Suburban had 269k miles on it when I sold it and over 5500 hours. I never had any issues with the engine. Maintenance on all the other stuff is the main concern. Impeller, belts, hoses, fluids, gimbal, etc...
  2. You lost me at 3 batteries. I've only got two and little to no idea what works what! (Just know my bilge pump is hard wired to the #1 so even if the batteries are off it will still function) LOL... I believe in removing the batteries in the winter and bench charging and storing, but of course I'm not in a wet slip, mine's stored at home. I replace batteries every 3 years, so I've seldom had any issues on previous boats. I'm sure some other more qualified guys will chime in... Sounds like whichever battery is responsible for the port engine starting needs to be replaced, but not 100% sure. Good luck with it...
  3. Congratulations and welcome to the forums!
  4. That is crazy and good to hear on the recovery! I've had both shoulders and one biceps tendon done previously, so I'm definitely familiar with PT and have a good guy in Flowery Branch. I hear you on the gym thing too! My gym is in my garage, but have definitely neglected some Gym time in lieu of Lake time, plus trying not to do anymore damage to the knee! (Yeah, that's my excuse!) LOL...
  5. Cool, I'll PM you sometime. We're moving our youngest into her dorm this coming weekend, and then I'm having surgery on the 24th. (Meniscus) I should be off crutches in a few weeks and will have another month off work for recovery. Days and weekends will be wide open...
  6. LOL...
  7. Wow! I have no words...
  8. When I lived on the southside, West Point was my go to! Since we're only a mile from a ramp on Lanier that's where we go. Spent a good bit of today up on the north end and it was quiet and smooth!
  9. Cool, we're just south of Gainesville Marina and usually put in at Little Hall Park. We too are loving our new to us 99 2330 SS and after this weekend, we'll be "empty nesters". This will be our last weekend with our youngest daughter and her friends on the lake before she heads off to college. Maybe we can make plans to meet on the water sometime before the season ends. We're also looking for some "lake friends"
  10. I definitely prefer the north end of the lake for my boating activities! I've been north of Hwy. 53 and found Longwood park the other day and a couple quiet coves. I still haven't been north of Hwy. 60 though. Been south as far as hidden harbor and Fish Tales, which if you want to eat at Pelican Pete's or Pig Tales, the south end is cool, but the channel is overcrowded, choppy and you have those previously mentioned tubers! I'd really rather have a picnic in a quiet cove up north. If you know of any "destinations" or restaurants on the north end of the lake I should check out, let me know. Thanks!
  11. When it's safe and the traffic allows, I do pass them, I just think it's silly to tube in the main channel... True on all points and as above, I do eventually get around them... I have definitely seen the one finger salute when using the horn as a signaling device. LOL...
  12. I just wanted to vent about something and see if it's just me, or do some of my fellow boaters feel the same way. When I take my kids and their friends tubing, I tend to head to an isolated finger of the lake or a cove off the main channel and do my tubing there. Keep in mind my "kids" are 18, 21 & 24 and they and their friends don't consider it successful tubing if they don't get thrown off the tube! Anyways, I like to do my tubing away from a lot of traffic. HOWEVER, I see LOTS of people dragging their kids around as they travel north or south through the main channel. Lake Lanier in Georgia is a big lake, but there are several areas where it's narrow and receives a lot of traffic in the main channel, and I hate seeing people dragging their tubes while they travel. Sometimes you have no choice but to be lined up bow to stern with many boats and these guys are just dragging tubes through there! Then IF you happen to get within 100 yards of their tube (in the main channel) they try to wave you off like you're trying to mow down their kids on purpose! I'm not the one who decided to put my kids on the tube and then "travel" 12 miles with them hanging out behind the boat. Am I the one who's weird in this scenario?
  13. Bumping this thread. Got some more work done today. I installed a second Vent in my cover and installed a new winch on the trailer. The old one worked, but was rusted and the galvanized steel cable was fraying and would bind on itself constantly. The new winch and strap is much better. Also, I found a screw sticking out the bottom of my hull the other day. Only about 1/4 inch, but some jackwang previous owner screwed through the front storage compartment and right through the hull. I removed the screw, which was rather rusty and ground back a little of the gelcoat and glass so I could patch it with epoxy. It's underneath the boat, so aesthetics wasn't a priority. It looks (when I ground into the glass a bit) as though this thing has been watertight, so I guess I dodged a used boat bullet on that one! Just glad I found it and patched it. Also patched a small nick in the gelcoat a little further back on the bottom while I was playing with epoxy.
  14. Yeah, mine are 2x6 if I had to hazard a guess. 4x8x11ft sounds like a structural beam! Of course the 256 is a heavy boat. I guess you could buy 4 PT 4x4x12ft posts, drill & countersink galvanized or stainless lag screws to hold the two 4x4's together and then cover with new carpet. I imagine that would do the job.
  15. I would be demanding a replacement from your local fabric shop... I once replaced a large Bimini on my old pontoon, fabric only. I went through one of the suppliers on iboats and ponied up for the Sunbrella fabric. 8 ft. x 8 ft. Bimini with 4 spars. It cost just over $400 and included the boot. When it arrived, it simply zipped in place over all the spars and the boot fit perfectly and never came off on road trips. It seemed great value for the money and I just followed their guide in fitment, took some measurements and it was easy peazy... I'll be replacing the Bimini on our 99 2330 this offseason and plan to go the same route... I hope you get yours resolved...