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  1. Drakebuster

    Indoor Storage Cost?

    We pay $70 a month for our 24ft vessel / combo trailer / total 28ft to be stored indoors; no access / gated facility. Owners maintains the pull & store services - all I have to do is tell him 2 days in advance when I want my boat / trailer out to play & the day I'm dropp'n off for storage. I like it also so no others have access to my boat - nobody else is backing up near it, or potential pilferage occurrence etc.. Sure I don't have access 24/7 but really it works out best for us without paying stupid storage fees.
  2. Drakebuster

    Southern illinois?

    We boat primarily at Kinkaid Lake
  3. Drakebuster

    Which lakes would you travel 5+ hours for?

    We're heading to LOTO last week of June thru 1st week of July; we haven't made the trip to Tablerock yet--- anxiously waiting for that opportunity.