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  1. There are many good options but my first choice for you if you have not been there would be Dale Hollow Lake in northeastern TN ( due south of Lexington, KY ) on the KY/TN border. The water is clear and warm, minimal rocks, lots of coves to tie up, houseboat rentals, good marinas, etc. Excellent golf on KY State park courses. Check out the websites for Star Point Resort or Sunset Marina and Grill in Byrdstown, TN and see if they are of interest. We love Lake George but docking is very limited in the summer and house rentals on the lake are very pricy. The NY Finger Lakes are just too cold for me and I grew up spending summers on Senaca Lake. Good luck. ScottC
  2. The enclosed head area with vacuflush system should be the same on either Chaparral that you are considering. The photos from Mikeofwarr of the 2007 234 Sunesta head look identical to my vacuflush head in a 2007 256SSX. A GPS or GPS/Fishfinder combo unit can be mounted on the dash with a ram mount as a reasonable DIY project. The marine VHF radio is also easy to install and it's wise to have one in coastal waters or larger inland lakes. Check to see if either boat has trim tabs installed as they are very helpful, especially on the 256 deep V hull. Don't forget to consider the engine horsepower, outdrive type, total hours, maintenance records and service provider, boat storage history and overall condition in making a selection. Good luck. ScottC
  3. Tim: It appears that you stay around Kimberling City based on the lakeside dining selections. If you head down lake toward Shell Knob, the Campbell Point Marina ( between MM 20 and 21 ) has been remodeled and has a large full service fuel dock and retail store ( beer also ). Behind the marina is Harlow's Lakeside Grill ( the old Port Grill ) which has new management, new menu and music weekend evenings. Have a good trip. ScottC
  4. ScottC

    Leno trim tabs

    It may be too late now but I would call Lenco customer service and file a complaint. I have had no issues on my Lenco 12 x 18 HD trim tabs after 5 years of service. ScottC
  5. Scott: I would vote for the 2007 276SSX with Volvo Penta 8.1 375HP engine. 470 hours is reasonable usage based on age an Florida location. Since it's a salt water boat have it checked over by Chap dealer or marine surveyor. I assume that you will use it in coastal waters and the 276SSX can handle it. Our 256SSX has been great on inland lakes and Lake Ontario and has 440 hours now. Good luck. ScottC
  6. Kevin: Where is the lift? Norris Lake or elsewhere in KY/TN? I vote to winterize it on the lift and leave it on the lake under cover. It should be fine as long as the local wildlife don't need a winter home or a big ice storm hits the marina. I had the boat on a lift for a few winters but now i winterize the 256SSX and leave it on the trailer in a sturdy storage building. Best regards, ScottC
  7. Chris: If you post a new topic question on Dale Hollow Lake resorts and ramps, you will get lots of suggestions from boat owners. We stayed around Byrdstown, TN many times with friends from Ohio. Our favorite laid back resort for lodging is Star Point Resort ( but no restaurant ) so you have to haul in supplies from Cookeville or Livingston or your home. Their ramp is fine but road down to resort from Rt 111 has sharp curves and switchbacks to make it interesting. Sunset Marina and Resort on the Obey River is right off Rt 111 south of Byrdstown and has a wide but steep ramp. We docked our 256SSX there one year and rented a house on VRBO. Pier 42 restaurant was very good but have not been there recently as we are now based at Table Rock Lake in southwest MO. ScottC
  8. Chris: Your 256SSX deserves a long weekend at Dale Hollow Lake. It's beautiful in the fall. We recommend the Sunset Marina and Grill near Byrdstown, TN for lunch or dinner. If you do not have trim tabs, you may want to add Lenco or Bennett 12 x 12 or larger someday to improve handling. ScottC
  9. Chris: We have been very pleased with our 2007 Chaparral 256SSX and hope that you enjoy your "new" boat. Where are you located? A local canvas shop would be my first choice for a replacement arch canvas to assure proper fit and snap alignment. You could also call a canvas specialist like Great Lakes Boat Top and see if they can make a replacement. I have had a few minor repairs to the black Sunbrella fabric done at our local canvas shop and clean and waterproof annually to prolong it's life. Good luck. ScottC
  10. The lake level today is still 927.6 ft so the Army Corp of Engineers has not begun lowering lake yet. Normally 915 ft is considered full. The Port Grill is now known as Harlow's Lakeside Grill at Campbell Point Marina and has a Facebook page with updates on menu specials and music ( mostly Sunday evenings ). In case you did not know, the local Chaparral dealer ( The Harbor Boat Sales ) has their base at Indian Point and sales offices at Campbell Point marina and The Chateau marina next to dam if you need any assistance. CPM also has a brand new office, retail store and fuel dock. Enjoy the lake. ScottC
  11. We were on Table Rock Lake at Campbell Point Marina ( Shell Knob ) near MM20 last weekend and there was some large debris toward the south and around the Shell Knob RT 39 bridge. In some areas of the lake, the high water has created access problems to docks, flooded marina parking areas and made some boat launch ramps more interesting. If you are going between Branson dam and Kimberling City you should be fine. ScottC
  12. The handheld 5 watt VHF has a fairly short range ( a few miles at best ) and is a good backup to a fixed mount DSC VHF with a 4 to 8 ft antenna mounted on the arch for maximum range. There is no perfect solution for avoiding moving sandbars in tidal areas and Marine charts are OK but a GPS with electronic coastal charts would be better. If you plan to boat in the same areas of the ICW, the GPS Chartplotter provides lots of options and is a good investment IMO. ScottC
  13. OK - I found Big Clifty Park on the Beaver Lake/Eureka Springs AR map and it looks like the closest ramp and fuel are at the Starkey Recreation Area and Marina and that may be your best bet. Good luck. ScottC
  14. We are based in Shell Knob, MO on Table Rock Lake and am familiar with the northern part of Beaver Lake from the highways around Eureka Springs. I do not know Big Clifty State Park but I assume it is close to Eureka Springs and the dam area. If you don't get any replies from this post, I suggest a search of the US Army Corp of Engineers site for Beaver Lake as it appears all the Recreation Areas listed have boat ramps. I would call them for information on fees, ramp conditions, etc. One of the marinas close to the dam should be the best source of information of any launch issues and AR boating regulations. ScottC
  15. I noticed on the Overton's website that their basic dock line is a "composite fiber" ( not defined ) with 900lb tensile strength. Now I know the difference between tensile strength and breaking strength as I looked it up. You made a good choice - red line I assume. ScottC
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