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  1. Caribedude2

    Weight of 240 Signatur

    Anyone have a swag. With fuel would be helpful. Looking at lifts wondering if 7k will cut it...suspect maybe not.
  2. Caribedude2

    Cracked Bellow

    Thanks. Seems like the safest bet
  3. Caribedude2

    Cracked Bellow

    Guys - I have a crack in the exposed bellow on the stern drive. I think it is the exhaust bellow. I also have noticed my gear oil depleting. I heard from my Mercury guys at the Marina they leaking gear oil can kill the gimbal bearing and that other boots may also be bad. Any thoughts? It is a 14 year old boat. I have only owned it 18 months and I have no clue how old the bellows may be .... Thanks
  4. Caribedude2

    Frequency of tune up in Florida

    Guys - How frequently does it make sense to replace plugs / rotor / cap? I did it 18 months ago and my mechanic thinks it is time. Corrosion. The plugs seem fouled a bit as well and it has been rough starting for a week.
  5. Caribedude2

    Trim Tabs and Wire hanging out of Stern Drive

    I saw a video on YouTube that showed a speedometer cable coming out of the drive. My speedometer has never worked....wondering it that may be cable for what used to be a part connected to the drive.
  6. Caribedude2


    I put new anodes (for my brackish water) a year ago. The boat sits on the water in the canal - no lift. My divers said the anodes looked good. I took a peek at the sandbar and I thought they looked eaten alive. I am going to replace what I can in shallow water with a mask on. Not sure why my maintenance guys didn’t sound the alarm but I am guessing 12 months on water is way too long for my situation....
  7. Caribedude2

    Running at less than 140 degrees

    140. Water is 84
  8. Caribedude2

    Running at less than 140 degrees

    I did a ton of maintenance a year ago, but did not replace the thermostat on my Merc 350 5.7 engine. I am running a bit slow and the temp never gets over 140. Is this likely a thermostat that isn’t functioning ? Any tips on replacing it? Tough to get my one at the dock to do the work.
  9. Caribedude2

    Changing Thermostat on Mercury 5.7

    Lol. I posted to wrong thread
  10. Caribedude2

    Settings on battery when using shore power

    The odd thing is that the fridge breaker says “refrigerator outlet” ....I assumed it was for the plug on the wall of the side of the fridge.
  11. Caribedude2

    To change or not to change Impeller

    My mechanic for my Merc said it was a nightmare job
  12. Caribedude2

    Settings on battery when using shore power

    Will fridge still stay on?
  13. Caribedude2

    Settings on battery when using shore power

    Got it. So, would leaving the battery on battery 1 and having the the battery switched charger on in the cabin make battery 1 drain out?? It seems counter-logical....
  14. Caribedude2

    Trim Tabs at dock

    Got it. My diver was saying something about “putting them up so that barnacles don’t grow on them “.....seems like a non issue if I leave them at the optimal “planing” position. Thanks
  15. Caribedude2

    Trim Tabs at dock

    Can anyone tell me if it is better to have the tabs up or down while at the dock?