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  1. I did not charge the battery at home prior to installing the new battery (nor did I check the date). But, the boat fired up first time every start for the last few months.
  2. Hi gang - I have a brand new battery. The boat sat idle for 10 days with the battery off. It doesn’t start today. Turns over, but won’t fire up. I attached a trickle charger. Is it possible 10 idle days are enough to drain the battery too low to start? Seems unlikely to me....starting to think I have a bigger problem. Other factoid, it was tuned up and ran perfectly for 25 hours over the last few months.
  3. Are there any concerns about solar battery chargers causing any issues with batteries while they are charging them?
  4. It is in my radio box....
  5. I have been told that the actuator tends to have leaking seals on these engines. I saw a video of a guy replacing the seals rather than buying a new actuator. Seemed like a lot of work.
  6. Thanks Wingnut. My mechanic was talking about “lifters” which he said “could be a problem one day”....it sounds like a bit of paranoia. I will keep a listen for tapping. She doesn’t make any tapping sounds now...
  7. The stern drive specifically? I service the engine while at the dock in the water.
  8. Does anyone have any input on leaving a stern drive in the water (no lift) for years and not flushing the engine after a day out? The boat has a scuffed so it sucks external water in to cool engine. The brackish water is mostly fresh but has some mild salinity being 4 miles from the ocean.
  9. Ok guys - new boat. No shore power. Bought a new 800 cranking amp set for this Volvo 5.0. Thinking of dual solar chargers from Harbor Freight. Any thoughts?
  10. Ok. Last stupid question. What is the ON and OFF position for these breakers ? How can you tell physically ? The auto bilge is important ...
  11. Turned out to be a power steering fluid leak in the line at the back of the block.
  12. Thanks Boatman. Is there a general rule of thumb when you should start checking? Are there any early indicators of a potential Problem ? The oil looks perfect....
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