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  1. Took a good look at the 50 AMP CB I just replaced and I am troubled. The red button is stuck and won’t depress, and the back of the CB looks like it was melting. I am searching for a good electrician who can come to my dock, but am still waiting. Any advise or suggestions are most welcomed. Thanks guys. Pics attached
  2. Sounds like good advice WN. Thanks. If you were paying someone up there to do all those items, any idea what range of costs would be? Does the engine need to be pulled to get the work done? I suppose it would also be a good time to do the impeller since I have no clue how old it is and I have a few hundred hours on this engine since we bought it.
  3. Thanks WN. So, when I asked the parts guys for a new CB, they asked me if it was 12v. I would assume they would know....and I have no clue and no electrician helping.
  4. WN - when the boat is plugged into shore power, does any power route through the CB? I am assuming it does not get power until you turn the ignition key...thanks
  5. BT - I asked the parts shop about getting a new CB. They asked what voltage....? Question, when connected to shore power, but the boat ignition is OFF, does the CB have any power flowing through it (regardless of whether the batteries are in the ON or OFF position?
  6. What would you do if it was on a rack at a marina to keep your batteries charged? Just curious how things get done when you don’t have your own power available 24x7 via shore power
  7. My 2005 has a factory installed battery charger that is fed by shore power. Is there some suggested maintenance of the system due to its age, or do you just use it until it stops working?
  8. I need the hatch inside trim from the bow. I also need a new steering wheel. Preferably not the mahogany one I have since it rots in FL heat.
  9. Does anyone have a good source for new replacement parts for these later model Chappys ? My local dealer is worthless.....they just want to sell me a new Chappy Thanks
  10. Well - I replaced that top mounted slave solenoid AND the circuit breaker, and she fires right up. Thanks for the help guys.
  11. Phillbo - I don’t believe I have a leak. I live in South florida and it rains a ton. The bilge gets the rain water. My belief is that that bilge (which is new) will kick on when necessary due to water levels exceeding the “tolerance” of the Ruhle Bilge. That seems to NOT be happening. The Rugle seems to work just fine when the battery is turned ON....not when it is OFF and connected to shore power only (which is all of the time time when I don’t have her out). Does that make sense?
  12. WN - I bought her used a couple years ago. It seems from all I have gathered that the engine is a rebuild of another year. The boat is a 240 Chappy. 2005. The engine serial number seems to be a pre 2002 5.7 350 HP MPI.
  13. I can’t figure out how the #$^% to get this solenoid off the engine......
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