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  1. I have some soft deck spots on the starboard, behind helm seat closer to the stern. Has not been a priority to repair - boat guy says stringers are fine. Been an off season project for a couple of years though. We have the mid-90s carpet on the entire deck. Anyone have an idea of what's under the carpet? The 1995 brochure states balsa core... If I begin to pull the carpet back, more than likely in pieces, should I be able to simply remove the area soft deck and repair/patch the hole? I'm actually thinking about ripping out all the carpet on the deck and installing textured FRP in it's place.
  2. buzzed

    1998 chaparral 2330 sport limited edition PROP HELP

    +1 on ESP from swimplatforms.com. Best investment and upgrade I could have made to my 2335.
  3. buzzed

    Boat Plug- Underwater LED light

    Toddler, what lights to you have behind your transom vents?
  4. thanks, guys. false alarm...twas a loose connection at the alternator. All's well.
  5. yeah, that's my question...can I tell if that happened by visually inspecting the alternator or by some other diagnostic?
  6. Can I tell if Alternator is fried - at battery install?My boat guy dropped in two new batteries this season (one starter and one deep/house). Bad weather and travel has kept us off the water, but when we could, really no problems. My battery gauge was a bit wonky, tho. first couple of times out with new batteries and volt seemed a bit low at low RPM, but got above 12v at speed. That changed this weekend when gauge did not get above 8 and both batteries were dead. Talked to my boat guy and am pulling her out and looking at replacing alternator. He swears that they fully ran her thru diagnostics (no reason to doubt...always done me right), and everything checked out before handing the keys back to me this season. It's very possible the alt simply died...has more hours than I know as the block was new, but alternator was used when I bought her 9 years ago. Then, after searching to forums a bit, I read a post about crossing the wires and frying alternators during battery swaps. My question is can I tell if that might have happened when they swapped out my batteries? Maybe a tech crossed the wires, fried my alternator and didn't speak up... Regardless, 99% sure I will have a new alternator by next Tuesday. T
  7. buzzed

    Extended Swim Platform w/install

    I purchased an ESP from http://www.swimplatforms.com/ two years ago, and it's the best enhancement to her I have done. I would have paid twice the amount. They have great customer service and 2 years later, replaced the rubber strap that holds the ladder in (it broke under normal use) free of charge - they even sent a second one with the replacement. Top Notch. With that said, your platform seems on the expensive side. My boat guy - Tim at ProBoat in Woodstock, GA is a bit more expensive on labor, but I trust him and he's always looked out for my best interest. Platform 1,400 deer Crate 92 deer Freight 232 deer ESP Total 1,719 deer Labor 99dr/hr 4 hrs
  8. So, your boat's out of commission until you get the seat back? Loss of lake time is a sin.
  9. buzzed

    Clarion & Sirius "system check" cycle

    Did you solve this issue? I have the same configuration, and am trying to install SC-C1 and CLA-SC1. System check #$^%.
  10. buzzed

    Mercruiser Mechanic in Metro Atlanta?

    If you are in the Allatoona-area, give Tim a call at ProBoat off of Bells Ferry Road. Been going to him for about 5 years now. Very trustworthy and competient - but on the pricey side. The good thing is that he's not keen on doing work that you don't need. They service tons of Chaparrals, and many other high-end boats. Very busy shop, but they will come to your marina. I'm at Victoria, and they've made several house-calls. 602 Bascomb Commercial Pkwy Woodstock, GA 30189, (770) 928-1533
  11. buzzed

    Fwd/reverse problem?

    I had a similar, but opposite, issue a couple years back. While approaching a group of boats I was rafting up with, I went to shift to reverse, but kept moving forward. I move it to neutral, and it kept moving forward. So, thinking I needed to put it reverse harder, I did that, and moved forward FASTER - nearly into a tied up 29ft-er. I cut the engine, as I was being yelled at, and was able to be pushed away. Luckily, my SS bow rail nugded up agaisnt the underside of the 29's bow, and acted like a spring - keeping the gelcoats/fiberglass from hitting. No damage all around. I now only had fwd, so was able to make it back to my slip. Pulled the boat later, and my mechanic fixed it - the coupling from the shift cable broke, locking fwd geat. Good luck!
  12. buzzed


    I purchased an ESP from swimplatforms.com last season, and love it. It's huge, and fits like a glove. All bracing and ladder is to quality. I think it was about 1,500 deer, with lights. They delivered under time and very sercurly. Not sure how they would ship to the UK, as shipping (freigh) was about 300 deer domestically.
  13. buzzed

    New member , New chaparral 2335

    Want. Thanks and welcome to the group.
  14. buzzed

    Thru Hull Exhaust 2330

    +3 We did both this season...best money spent on the boat to date. I highly recomend swimplatforms.com. It's a huge addition to the stern and I even added a grill mount. Also added a new head unit (Clarion 309) JL Amp and 4 M650, a 10" bazooka tube with amp, transom remote and XM. A lot of deer, but it is the BEST radio on the lake IMO.
  15. buzzed

    Bimini and enlosure problems , Taylormade

    We've used our camper top a few times. i'll try to get some measurements of the bimini placements.