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  1. Cindy S

    Major Cabin Fever

    Y'all need to come to FL. Although even here we've had some unseasonably cold weather. There must be something to global warming??
  2. Cindy S

    Need Help with Customer Service

    Suggest you see my previous posts made last year on their AWFUL customer service and support. My experience with Chap has been horribly frustrating. They are unresponsive and not interested in dealing with or helping customers with the defective boats they sell. Still trying to get them to address defects noted when I bought brand new Chaparral Boat last year. Sorry you are having problems. Good luck.
  3. On 6/28 I posted, "337ssx--Help Please". Thanks ya'all for comments & suggestions. In this post want to provide an update. Today, 7/25 still don't have a useable boat. It's going on 4 months since I purchased a brand new boat, which has turned out to have significant defects (see my above posting). Beginning in May when I got the boat have continued to complain to dealers and Chap. Finally, on 7/12, FL Dealer took boat from marina to begin fixing. In the process they discovered yet another defect: steering fluid/oil in bilge. They are waiting on manuals from Volvo to determine how to calibrate, bleed and fix and have no estimate of how long and to what extent this latest problem will remedied. For the last 4 months I have been paying insurance, marina storage and interest on a defective and useless boat. It's a lemon--a brand new boat should not have problems like I have experienced. Obvious I'm getting shafted by the dealers and Chap. It has been an ongoing awful nightmare, major disappointment and waste of money and time. I need a lawyer experienced in FL and NC boat lemon laws; please provide recommendations and suggestions. Thanks
  4. Cindy S


    Thanks again for all of the comments. Both dealers and Chap express their respective concerns, and while words are nice, waiting for some action. Bought and expect a new boat that works. Are there "lemon laws" for boats?
  5. Cindy S


    Thanks All for your comments. Contacted Chap Hdqrs directly; they responded back right away and I'm hopeful we will get to resolution
  6. Cindy S


    Brand new 337ssx bought from dealer in NC delivered to us at dealer in FL on 5/28; we paid for delivery. Although we were told the boat was detailed and checked over before delivery, it arrived with 6 ft scratch on the keel and underwater lights blown. Had to wait until 6/9 before it could be fixed and put in water. Since then and through today, 6/28, we have had nothing but mechanical, electrical and cosmetic problems,including: port fuel gauge broken and tank "spits back" and won't take gas, starboard side stereo speakers don't work, cracks/tears in vinyl, port & starboard batteries not working, parts missing (e.g., hole in cabin window where window pull should be, doors/gates don't stay closed, etc. I could go on but it's kind of depressing) We keep boat at marina, and have only been able to take it out just 3 times because each time something else goes wrong. Between the NC and FL dealers getting run around. FL dealer says they can't look at fuel situation, which is one of the major problems until 7/9. I am venting, but we missed being on the water Memorial Day and now will miss 4th of July too. This is my first brand new boat, and maybe my expectations are off, but I was expecting that a brand new Chaparral 337ssx would have been waxed and detailed (looking shinny and new) and more importantly, everything would be working. Is this how Chaparral typically treats customers?Please help with suggestions on what the next steps should be. Thanks