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  1. Thank you Lrdchaos! I think I'll try that.
  2. Always cyclops2. We live on the lake in a narrow cove. :-) You can always tell who doesn't.
  3. Hi, I have a 2005 210 SSi inboard/outboard with tower that we have been wakeboarding behind for years. But the wake is not the best for stunts and tricks. Its good but I want to improve it. I am about to purchase some ballast bags for more weight because we know a boat full of people provides a deeper wake. But I wanted to know if a different prop type would have any affect on the wake. And with 700 extra pounds in boat will a better prop help with power? I only need to maintain speeds of 18-24 mph. I have the original prop on the boat still and need to replace it anyway. Please advise.
  4. I have 2005 210 ssi. It has ran wonderfully since I bought it for 4 years ago, without any issues. It is serviced annually. Last weekend after about 15 minutes on the water. It started beeping (2 beeps every minute). It then shut off when moving very slowly. I restarted it and it idled for a minute then started beeping again. It shut off and that was all she wrote. Now I cant even get the ignition to turn over. Batteries are fine. But when I turn the ignition. Nothing happens at all. I let it cool down for about 20 mins and tried again, still nothing. I saw the posts about possible bad IAC, bu
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