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  1. That's very fast compared to my start. And a great idea with the video - thanks.
  2. I've noticed if I don't pause and let the gauge needles bounce in what appears to be a calibration or start-up, they get stuck once the boat is on, and don't release again until it is turned off. So I turn the key to 'on', let it pause until the needles are done dancing, and then crank.
  3. This is all great to know - thanks! It helps me to know some of this when speaking with the tech. Wish I could buy you all a beer for the help. I'll have to pay closer attention to the beep when turning the key on. For some reason I can picture in my head (only had the boat out a few times now) that tone, but don't know if I'm just assuming because I've heard it so often at other times, other boats. I always thought that was just an indicator that your key was engaged. Is it something more?
  4. Funny - I don't know what others look like, but my first impression was this thing would sheer off with repeated stress. Maybe I'm not giving the weld strength enough credit.
  5. Thanks guys! Sorry, it's a 380 hp Merc 8.2 MAG. Brick - thanks, didn't even know about the battery differences. I'll have to check that out, but the batteries are strong. These are the originals that came with the boat. I've tried starting off both with the same results. This is all new to me so I'm a sponge right now, learning as I go. But based on these responses this is obviously not normal, which is what I really was curious about. Thanks for the thoughts Cyclops - that'll give me some direction.
  6. Purchased a 2013 - bought down south and I'm up north - and notice it takes a loooong time for the engine to turn over and start. Sometimes I'll turn for 5-10 seconds (which is draining on the battery of course), give it a breather, try again, nothing, then maybe on the third or fourth try it starts. Had the mechanic at the marina look at it, and his response over the phone was the equivalent of a shoulder shrug with his hands in the air, saying it was not unusual. There is a Cobalt in our family and I know from using it personally over the years it starts after just a few cycles of the starter. Can you give me an idea (I know it's subjective at this point) how quickly your boat starts? How easily? Seems like this one struggles, and by my description, wouldn't you think it unusual? Had a precarious incident on the water where it almost didn't start, which is why we had it looked at. But I don't feel that this is normal. Maybe I'm wrong. Then I think of fuel additives. Is there something safe to use that would perhaps clean the fuel line, etc.? Any thoughts or experience certainly appreciated.
  7. Thanks everybody - I ordered the harness. It's nice to be able to ask other owners and I appreciate the time you took. Here's a pic of that hook I was mentioning. Does Chaparral intend this to be used as part of a recreational tow point? Just curious at this point what it is.
  8. Are your eyes below water line? And no problem with nosediving?
  9. Right, "tow" might be the wrong word, but definitely says no inflatables from the tower. Strange to me that a boat like this doesn't have a tow point on the transom. I know the eyelets are below the waterline so I was concerned about that same downward force. Thanks for the responses!
  10. At the risk of asking a foolish question, can someone tell me the best way to tow inflatables on our 277? We have the arch which the owner manual states can be used for boarding and skiing, but NOT towing. It says to tow from the back, but with no further information. I don't see any true tow point on the back, no pylon, hook, etc. There is a small (I mean small) welded 'T' on the grab rail near the waterline. But it seems too small and fragile - and also very low - to be used for towing. So I'm not even sure what that is, exactly? Kids want to get going already, but I'm hesitant to damage the boat. Any thoughts or experience with this? Thanks in advance -
  11. Resolved. We found some smaller straps and pieced together how they should go. Seems like the previous owner did not use them. Thanks for the replies.
  12. Will be at the boat tomorrow and will take a shot. But it's not the the canvas lifting buckles (took us a few minutes to figure that one out too).
  13. Hi folks - Just purchased a 2013 277 SSX from down south (I'm in the northeast). Putting on the bimini cover, I see two hanging plastic buckles (aft) that don't seem to connect anywhere. But they hang directly at head height, which is obviously not intended. I'm thinking maybe I'm missing some straps that connect it to the arch to snug it down? Can't find anything online, and pics aren't detailed enough to make it out. Any help appreciated. Thanks