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  1. Yes, propellers!
  2. Anyone use fuel stabilizers? Is that only req's for 2 stroke? I have a yam 300 4 stroke
  3. What do folks think about impellers? Are changing impellers on a new boat (mine's a yam 300 ob) something to consider for better bite, better performance?
  4. That's fascinating! I'm a 57 yo man and somehow did not know any of this. Makes perfect sense! Sometimes man's ingenuity is really on display. To observe these small changes in our environment and deduct causation. Wow
  5. Makes perfect sense. Thanks to all!
  6. Ok, I ordered the extra large one from Amazon. Thanks, folks!
  7. Thanks everyone. What does the barametric pressure tell you? In Clearwater Beach, FL, it's usually around 30.
  8. I read somewhere that bleach can damage the seals/gaskets?
  9. Hey folks - I have seen great advice on this forum for marine weather apps (dark sky, radarus). But how about an app that provides water conditions? Light chop, 2-3 foot seas, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. Used my fresh water 'shower' today with my kids. Boat is brand new, water has been in the freshwater tank for maybe a month? Spelled funky already! Anyone have a recommendation on water purification tablets? Thanks!
  11. My new boat doesn't have a bolster on the co-pilot seat. I see Bolster Buddy gets decent reviews on Amazon. Anyone have experience w Bolster Buddy or does anyone have another recommendation? Thanks!
  12. No drifting other than in neutral for me going forward. I learned that lesson but good.
  13. I had no idea it stretched that far. Do you primarily try to use it when boating solo?
  14. I did not clip the lanyard. Is that standard op procedure for you?
  15. The dealer said re break in that during the first 20 hours avoid wot and vary the rpm. 50 was not wot. In truth, I could've varied more. Probably should've. But it was only about ten min. Re the sea grass - duly noted. I'm not sure why my alarm didn't go off, it's set for 3 ft. Good point re bumpers. I know the floating marina dock has padding so maybe I shouldn't worry about the bumpers. Certainly not when alone! thank you for sharing your perspective. That's how I learn!