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  1. Well some great person broke into my storage facility and ripped out (not gingerly) my head unit, sub, amp, etc from my old 2002 186 ssi. I had kind of wanted something different anyway since I'm guessing the head unit wasn't original since it wasn't connected to the remotes at the helm and stern. So I picked up a JVC KD-T91MBS marine headunit and two of the RM-RK62M remotes. I wired up the head unit and found the plug behind the head unit that used to go to the remotes. I pulled the remotes and one had red,blue,green, black wires. The other had vio
  2. I do have Vortec heads. I'm gonna go with the 41-993 iridium which is listed as the replacement for what us in the boat now. may as well replace the wires too. Thank you.
  3. I sure don't. I have a 3 blade enertia that gets up and moves but not the best for taking off out of the hole ...the 4 blade I had was much better at that!
  4. Cyclops this little boat with the 5.0 is definitely fun. I just got done replacing the cap and roror and the old ones were very corroded so that shoukd help! I guess I should order up some of the pmugs I found in it since those were stock equipment. Gap at .045 right? Ty!
  5. Brought the old girl home this weekend for a cleanup and some tuning up. She is a 2002 186 SSi with a Mercruiser 5.0 (carbed) and Alpha 1 drive. I looked around to find the proper plugs and ordered up 8 new Delco MR43T plugs. Today I set out to replace them and when I pulled the first plug out I see that it is a Delco 41-932 platinum. I googled and found out that they started putting these in as original equipment in 2002 since some of the boats were FI... ugh. So... should I order up the equivalent of these or will my MR43T plugs work just fine. If I DO use the MR43T - wi
  6. Strangest topic I have seen here But yes...if for any reason if you want to operate the trim without climbing back into your boat...very handy. My keyboard has "shift" on both sides...but I have never wanted to remove one of them. I can start my truck from across the parking lot...I don't have to....I could wait until I get into the hot truck to start it. It's just a convenience thing.
  7. Hah...probably not. Mine is only in the water for a weekend at a time usually.
  8. This one actually has a quick connect ...so leave a little slack in the wire so you can pull the plug out and unscrew the quick connect. it comes with a nice little bag to store the plug. I store my boat about a mile from the launch...so I usually just pull the plug whdn I get back to the storage unit.
  9. It is stainless... not sure ehat the threads are. I assumed they were stainless
  10. I bought this one from Amazon Tidal Wake Blue IP68 Underwater 1/2in Standard Boat Drain Plug LED Light Built-in Driver & Overheat Protection 3 Yr/50,000hr Warranty #316 Stainless Steel, 12-30v/27w,1800 lumen w/Storage Bag https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079Y5N4NG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ujNgBbRRF4PE8 Now there are much brighter ones....color chsnging ones.. you can spend as much as you want. I thought I'd try this one first and glad I did. I may upgrade later but for now I really like it
  11. Honey Badger just doesn't care!
  12. Sorry for the delay... just got in front of the PC to do this. The girls up front had blankets blocking most of the light.... but you get an idea. The clarion speakers have blue LED rings - they look great at dusk/ dark. You just have to run 12v around inside the hull to power them. I also replace the courtesy lights inside the boat with blue LEDs I found on Amazon. The most fun is the stupid blue LED boat plug.... running across the water with your wake all lit up blue is just cool
  13. That's whaf I am hearing. The mercruiser calc said go with 20 or even 21 ! 20 is a bit much. I have a 19 in the mail .. shoukd be closer to what I need.
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