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  1. 246SSI. Kids are either wake boarding or tubing, so boat is pretty much running from sun up to sun down
  2. FWIW - here is how we deal with coolers at Lake Powell (100+ heat). May be overkill for what you are trying to do: We have a 45qt Waeco dual power fridge/freezer and a Yeti 60 We take 8 rectangular quart juice jugs, fill with water and freeze solid at home Pack the juice jugs in the Yeti with food and drinks During the day we put whatever food and drink for that day in the Waeco. Since the boat is running all day the batteries stay charged drinks stay cold At night: take 6 water jugs out of Yeti, put them in Waeco and turn temp as low as it can go (0 degrees I think).
  3. For us, we only drive the houseboat twice. Once on the first day to find a spot away from everyone else. Best to send a run about or a jet ski ahead and mark a spot so you don't have to drive the houseboat around too much. We like to find a spot in the cliffs so you get some shade (morning shade is best for us, so you can make breakfast and have a morning cocktail before the sun hits you) but others like lots of beach and all day sun. Then we drive it again on the way home on last day. As said by others, gas is expensive and houseboats are not very efficient on gas. Also you will use gas for g
  4. Giddyup- My family and I have done Powell every year for over 20 years. We have done houseboat trips as well as just my 4 + dog on a 246 SSI for 5 days. I think there are a few on this board that live around Powell and can give more detailed advice but here are my comments: 1) June is a great time of year to go. But remember weather is a fickle lady so be prepared for anything. Most likely it will be hot and dry with calm waters... but you can (and likely will) get a heavy rain, high winds, choppy water at least for an hour during your trip so be prepared. Storms don't last long
  5. Thanks guys. I came up with a slightly different solution. Posting in case it helps someone else, or it inspires other ideas. I took a piece of PVC tubing with a 1" OD and cut it a inch or so longer than the width of the mount. I then cut two gaps on opposite sides, and put a slit all the way through so I could get it around the rail. The gaps line up with the wide side of the oval, and the PVC builds out the narrow side of the oval to 1". Basically this makes a 1" round tube. I haven't had a chance to try it with the grill yet, but it seems pretty sturdy. I will probably cut a wood
  6. I have looked through lots of threads. Looks like some of you have figured out how to mount a Magma grill on the Oval hand rail in the bow of your boat. I am putting this in a '12 246. Any suggestions on getting the 1" Magma mount to secure?
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