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  1. Need a little help. Woundering what size Danforth style anchor fits in the Bow anchor locker.Doesn't look to be very big Thank you for any help!!
  2. Shephard1 the props are 4-3sets
  3. I found both sets used on line bought them both to test and will keep one for a spare set, after reading your post and talking to friends today I agree the 26p,lower RPM is the BETTER choice, No need to twist the snot out of the poor thing,I'm just cruisin' around THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!
  4. well after research and a proper tooth count the a little math my ratio turns out to be 2.20 as you all had suspected thank you all for your time going for 26p
  5. Engine is 5.7 efi. No hurry or trying to rush it. Thanks for everybody's time and help. Calling my repair guy and talk about 2.2 ratio
  6. should i go to 2.0 or 2.2 ratio
  7. Also does 1.81 give you more RPM than a 2.2 ratio?????
  8. Thank you all !!! BRICK, Got some more info gear ratio is 1.81 again WOT 4900-5000 mabe 5100 SHEPHERD1 I got my Hull GBG2164F798 mabe lngalp01 could ck gear ratio on his outdrive your pretty close to where im at my WOT rpm is w me and full of fuel. If i wanted to go XR PROPS how much pitch should I drop if they turn out to be 26P I know probably don't need them but they're PRETTY and insurance is payin lol Again can't thank you all enough for the HELP
  9. thank you Brick for the info!! Shepherd1,I will get that info for you asap,probably Monday,So far just the lower unit I believe and YES the props are at the bottom. also was looking into a swim platform and side exhaust system thanks for the link Thank you for taking the time and help
  10. Well,I got me a little problem and looking for some help. I had just aquired a 1998 Chaparral 2330 sport limited edition with a 5.7efi and a braov 3.This boat is awesome what you would call a barn find for sure,like new condition.Was crusing the St Lawrance river in the 1000 islands NY as I have for many years BUT as i was over confident and not paying atention I hit an unmarked rock sholl removing both props and part of lower case. OUCH Never looked to see what pitch props they where, all I know was they where polished stainless Quicksilver 3x3 prop set. WOT was around 4900-5000 rpm around 45-46 mph crusing was around 3000 rpm @ 25-28 mph looking for any HELP to try and figuer out what props would be close to what i had or maby sombody has the same boat that could share some infromation on what props thay are running. Would be deeply appreciated THANK YOU ALL!!!