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  1. You won't be disappointed! I ended up getting a 223 with twin 250s. It is by far the best boat I have ever driven and/or owned. It's like going from a 1980's Toyota to the latest Merc convertible on the water. We've had outboards and inboards since I was a kid and not having to worry about the prop now makes a huge difference. One of our dogs was so excited to get to the beach last weekend the silly mutt leaped off the bow while I was still motoring in! He was fine but it was great not to have to kill the motors or worry about spinning props. The manoeuvrability is effortless, the power easily controllable, it's great to ski behind and the passengers love the room. An absolutely brilliant boat!
  2. Toddler - the boat looks fantastic. Love the integrated lights. Denny - not my handi-work. I asked the paint shop guy and this is what he said : Solid base colour, then metallic blue base coat, then chromax /DuPont clear coat 1200s refinish clear coat followed by hardener AK260 high solid chromax. The paint guy was brilliant, he allowed me to dabble with the design quite a few times, try a few things, see what worked, what didn't etc. however, I know this isn't the most durable paint so I spray the boat down after use with saltaway, wash etc , and keep it under cover.
  3. I don't know what he was trying to do, but you can see the two different shades of blue. The rest of the boat was fine. I'm not a big fan of the paint styling on any of the VRX series, much prefer the colour schemes and lines of the ssi or sunset models. But I wanted a jet boat and the price was v good. I played around with a stripe along the side and another line along the topside but neither looked good.
  4. Yeah. Lol. Not so good! I'll dig one out and then you'll see why I repainted.
  5. Bought a lightly used 223 vrx and decided to repaint...
  6. Since posting I have to say a huge thankyou to the fellow at Chaperral who got in touch with me. I'm not sure if he wants his name posted on here but he knows who he is and he's been really helpful. And I probably should admit that I might have been a bit harsh with my comments regarding the dealer - it turns out if anything I was more at fault than anyone else (email issues) and I've subsequently realised it was hasty of me to suggest they were 'disinterested'. I guess I became frustrated at the, lets say, 'convoluted' process of getting a spare part but now that I understand and, more importantly, accept the process all is well.
  7. It did work. The boat had hardly been used in the year before I bought it. There is no warranty as far as I'm aware and I've been very clear with everyone I've spoken with that the warranty as far as I'm concerned is not an issue and I will be paying for the replacement Medallion. As much as I'd love to not have to fork out a large wedge of cash I'm more interested in understanding why this unit failed in the manner that it did so that it won't happen to me or anyone else again.
  8. Hi. I've just bought a 2015 VRX 223 with 50 hours on the engines. Fantastic boat, effortless power and runs like a dream. However, the Medallion touchscreen partially works and shows obvious signs of damage around the edges of the display (see photo). The main display of engine rpms and speed etc works, and the color and associated graphics on the main page are crystal clear. None of the other 'pages' are available. Most of the tabs do not respond to touch, including ski, eco and dock modes. The tabs that do respond to touch open up but the relevant page itself is useless and cannot function in any way, including the music page. I'd like to know if anyone has seen this type of failure on a Medallion touchscreen before? Is it water damage, heat damage or a combination of both? I'd like to know so as to avoid having to fork out another $1000+ again in a couple of years time for another replacement unit should the new one (if I ever get it - see below) suffer the same fate. I've called Medallion numerous times, sent several emails with the photo, but no one seems the slightest bit interested in helping me (or Medallion themselves) understand the problem. I've spoken with Chaparral but they seem totally disinterested and trying to get a replacement unit has been an extremely frustrating experience so far - 3 days already of calls between dealer and Chaparral and zero progress. (However, completely understandable if they've been badly affected by the flooding).
  9. I took a (whispering quietly) Scarab 165 with the 250 hp out for a spin the other day...brilliant fun but totally impractical. Regarding fuel it's not really an issue as I'm based in the Middle East. What type of boat I buy is pretty much dictated by how difficult it will be to sell.. jet boats here are the waterborne equivalent to the Toyota Landcruiser.. and not to take too big a hit on the resale. On the other hand fuel isn't too much of a consideration.. I've just sold my Regal and that had two 350 hp mercruisers. (Be interesting to see if I get banned.. first visit to this site and I've already mentioned Scarab and Regal!)
  10. Thanks Foz. I'm searching for a used 2015 model. Some reasonably priced 203s with very low hours on a 250 motor are beginning to show up, but unfortunately very very few used 203 twins. The only one I've found is in the UK. I see you're UK based; the prices are substantially higher there than the US. It looks like I'm going to have to wait a year or so for a bigger spread of options. Many thanks for your input.
  11. Thanks TN, much appreciated.
  12. Hi there, I've been searching Google and YouTube the past week or so trying to find the answer to whether I should buy a 203 with a single 250hp engine, a 203 with twin 150s or a 223 with twin 200 motors. I'm planning on 4 adults in the boat, some wakeboarding, tubing and mono skiing. I know, you're going to say get an inboard or outboard for pulling power, but for geographical reasons it has to be a jet boat, hence my question. Google and YouTube don't have the answers so I joined this website hoping someone has the answer. I'm pretty sure the single 250 hp will struggle more than the other two, but just how much better will the twin 150hp be? And will the 223 with the 2x 200 be that much better than the twin 150's? I'm not much fussed about top speed, just pulling power with a few people and gear in the boat. Any knowledge out there gratefully appreciated.