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  1. looking for a port side chrome C for 2006 260ssi chaparral boat.
  2. This is correct Philbo
  3. Thanks guys. When I took it out of water everything looked ok. No sticks. 1 ding in the prop but it's been this way all year.
  4. The motor did rev and I backed off.took off again and did the same thing. It works fine at slow speed. Trim was all the way down and no trash on prop area.I pulled out of the water and checked props. The outer prop seemed to have some play in it. Is this normal for the prop to have some play in it?
  5. I have a 2005 260 SSI. Last night after giving it some throttle to plane off it started cavatating and causing a different wake from the outdrive. My guess is a spun prop. It is a Bravo 3 outdrive. Any thoughts?
  6. Looking for port side C and bird plaque port side. Fackman
  7. Looking for port side C and bird plaque port side. Fackman
  8. Thanks I will keep checking.
  9. I have a mercruiser 496 motor Bravo 3 outdrive. Out drive reservoir going down. Took to dealer and he installed new seals and pressure tested the outdrive and pressure was to spec. When I go slow for awhile it still goes down about an inch. Cruising speed does not use any.I do not see any leakage in bilge area. I have put aftermarket shower apparatus on lower unit . I can't believe air is still in line.
  10. Thanks Wingnut: Mine runs about 170-175 on the gauge.
  11. I have a 496 mercruiser in a 260 ssi what should the temperature gauge read when cruising
  12. Not sure what you are asking. Mph is 45
  13. I have a 260 SSI thinking about putting smart tabs on. Thoughts