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  1. Hi All! I didn't move on the boat as loan didn't go through. Bc it's "old" and I should look for a 2013 or newer. I never did the survey (which was my guy that I got on my own - very good point toddavid) and I did ask if there were any damages from Sandy and was told no! The boat looked really good when I saw it but never did the survey. Maybe next season!!!
  2. Thank you Eric! Yours quite the looker too! Yeah I assume I'll put "stuff" in it but i'm not on the boat to do dishes leave that at home! HAHA
  3. Thanks Cycleman!! 50's is more than I'll ever need! (Famous last words huh?). I wanted the 264 for the huge amounts of interior space, I was on a 284 at the dealer and it felt bigger than my first apartment!
  4. I do like the "look" of this one better! The other one didn't have the "galley" which I liked as I really don't know why I need a sink but seems like I will have to find a use or two for it!
  5. Hi All! Thank you for all your advice and comments. The '11 264 Sunesta I was looking at was picked up by someone else but I have a another one! 2010 264 Sunesta wide band black hull and white arch. Very clean and well taken care of with the 496 Mag Mercruiser I put the deposit so I wouldn't loose it after I saw it, but she is getting surveyed and looked at by a Marine Mechanic later this week! Thanks again!!
  6. Thanks Chap that's what I figured and fine for crusing! Sheparerd - you're gonna get me in trouble! Lol
  7. Thank you Sheperd! Yeah I liked the sound of 375 too but alas I didn't spec the boat haha but it only has 91 hrs on it and lift kept so it was spot less so I'm gonna go for it! i called the dealer (boat was purchased there and being sold their) and for the 2011 it's a fixed arch and doesn't move. No dock side restaurant for me. Well the one I liked.
  8. Average 6 people (1080lbs), half tank gas 250 lbs. one large cooler and stand day boat gear. I think it should do well but I'm not sure. Thank you all!
  9. Hi Everyone!! I am to call the dealer and say lets do this on a 2011 264 Sunesta, Vapor Blue edition with many options all included. I am looking for a few things online and I can't seem to find it. Was there an option for a "power tower" for the radar arch as I don' see any exposed screws at the base of the arch to loosen and let down. It's silly but there is only one place I need to lower and it not the end of the world if it doesn't lower. So is it fixed or can it move? Anyone have the 320 HP Volvo-Penta, how do you find the performance? I am not looking for a rocket but I want to be sure its not under powered either Thanks ALL!! Ron