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  1. Thanks guys. Now if I can just figure out what # lifting struts to put under the sun deck I'll be good. Chap says 80#. I'm leaning more towards 100# but can't seem to find anyone that says it helps. My wife can't even lift it at the moment.
  2. I am new to boating and just purchased a nearly flawless 1998 2135 Sport Limited Edition. On my last trip out I noticed the carpet was wet where the Porti Pottie sits. After removing said pottie I can look up in there and see the drain for the in floor cooler. This drain has NOTHING attached to it. We hsd a substantial rain storm with the boat uncovered and water did enter the cooler. My question is is something suppose to be connected to the drain fitting or does this water drain into the hull and its suppose to flow back to the bilge area? Maybe I had the trailer nose down a little too much?
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