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  1. SeaRay260

    RPM Issues

    We have a SeaRay Sundancer 260 from 2002, we recently had the outdrive serviced and the water pumps of the engine replaced but are still experiencing issues with getting RPMs up above 3,300. When the engine is disengaged we are able to get the RPM up to 4,500 no problem. Any thoughts?
  2. SeaRay260

    SeaRay 260 2002 inboard engine WATER issue

    It's a chevy big bloc 350, we checked the pipes and nothing looks loose... the water is only coming out when it runs and it's spitting out of this small hole above the belt (see picture) plus coming out of another area behind the assembly which we can't see. We also feel like the engine has lost some power, it will only go as high as 3300 rpm.
  3. Hi, our boat has water pumping out of the engine into the bildge. Seems to be coming from behind the belt drives down in the engine. We can't see the issue as it seems to be out of sight. Could this be a loose engine cooling pipe?