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  1. Cyclops -- definitely agree, which is why I'm not going to get it from the dealer since it doesn't come with the blonde operator. Richard -- I'm not ashamed to say that installing things like that isn't on my list of skill sets. I'll probably screw it up and cost me more to fix than the original cost. But, I'm sure I can find the part online, and get an independent marine "mechanic" to install it for half the price.
  2. an answer. Got a call back from Dan @ Chaparral. Real nice guy. Apologized for the delay in getting back to me. He looked into it and said that the gauge comes GPS capable, but with a 227 SSX that's NOT the Surf model, then the GPS does not come with the antenna. They can't mount the pressure sensor for the MPH on the Surf, they have to use GPS. But it's the same gauge that comes on the regular 227 SSX model. It's not really important to have a GPS speedometer when I have the analog, but since GPS is more accurate, it's nice to know how fast one's actually going. But not sure it's worth $328. Anyway, thanks to everyone who weighed in!
  3. Richard, I'll give it a look. But I was told by one dealer that Volvo provides the gauges and I should look to them for answers. Essentially, nobody has a definitive answer. Or, I'm dealing with a bunch of liars or people who just don't know their "craft". Either way, it's very frustrating. Thanks for your input.
  4. Richard - - I completely agree. However, in the cluster there is an analog speedo. But again, if there's a digital meter for GPS speed, I would think it's intended to work without added expenses. And that it's not listed as any option when "building" the boat on Chap's site, makes me think it should be working without buying an antenna. Iggy -- any idea who would be the MFR of the GPS? All -- thanks for the replies.
  5. Iggy. -- called Chaparral several times over a week's time. Left 2 separate voicemails during that time. No call back. Dealer simply tells me it's $328 for the antenna installed. I don't really need it. My reason for all this is like what b&b said....if the GPS in in the gauge cluster, it would only reason to think it should be operable without paying for an antenna. But...what's more important at this point, even if it's not standard and the antenna does not come with the boat, at least I should get a call back from Chap or get a definitive answer without any reason that sounds like nonsense.
  6. "bob and betsy" and "Futzin'"...that's for the feedback. I was thinking the very same thing -- if the factory installed the GPS speedometer, then I would think that the antenna would be there to so that the feature worked. I've still not got a return call from Chaparral. Called again Friday Morning and left another VM. Nothing. I'm told only two guys handle all 2017 boats. Nevertheless.....I love the boat, but the customer service (from both dealer and Chap) are very far. Hopefully something changes my opinion.
  7. I recently purchased a 2017 227 SSX. Love the boat. Although, the delivery of it wasn't very thorough and I'm having to learn much about the boat on my own. I've noticed that the gauge on the right has a digital readout containing the depth meter and GPS speedometer. The GPS speedometer reads only "GPS NO DATA". I contacted the dealer and was told it's an option and I would have to purchase the antenna for it and have it installed. I was curious about that because there's no option for that on Chaparral's website when "building" the boat. So it made me wonder---is it really something I have to purchase or is it something that should have been on the boat from factory. I contacted a different dealer (different from the dealer where I purchased it) and the nice service guy wasn't sure of the answer. He did provide me a lot more info than the service guy at the dealer where I purchased it. And he gave me Chaparral's number (which is VERY difficult to find) to call and ask them about this antenna. I called Chaparral and left a voicemail with the rep who handles 2017 boats.. I called a couple times after that (at the end of the day) and still got voicemail. It's now 3 days later and still no return call. Does anyone have any info regarding this antenna if it should be part of the original purchase of the boat or if it is, in fact, a purchase that I need to make after purchase? Also, the salesman showed me how to open the top (on top of the arch tower), but didn't show me how to "close" it. It may be very easy, but since I've never done it before, I'm not sure how it's supposed to be closed. I looked online for videos, but haven't found one. Anybody know of any site that would have a video of this or possibly some guidance on this? Any help is greatly appreciated.