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  1. Snap-on malibu sherwin-Williams
  2. This is the path I’ve chosen. I’ve never bought a new boat or car.
  3. Paying cash for something you can finance cheaply is sometimes quite costly over the long term. If you buy a $120,000 boat and can finance it for 20 yrs at 5% it will cost you $190,000. If you invest $120,000 for 20 yrs and can earn 3% you will have $216,000 at the end of 20 yrs. If you could earn 5% you would have $318,000. Long and short of it is, people have to do what makes them the most comfortable. Making a blanket statement about financing verses paying cash makes being right very difficult.
  4. I looked at a 1999 sea ray 340 sundancer today. I really like the size and layout. What would be the closest chaparral to the 340 sundancer?
  5. I currently have a malibu response, but I would like to find something for the family (wife and 2 kids) to be able to take to Powell or flaming gorge for a weekend. I've owned a chaparral 1850ss in the past and was always impressed with the quality so I want another one. I'm keeping the malibu so this will be a second boat. I just would like so direction at what to look at. $30,000 max.
  6. Thank you for the specifics. This may sound dumb. How does one go about getting a survey and how much does it cost
  7. Made it to look at 2 signature 300's I really like the boat. What should I look for buying one of these for power and options. And what should I avoid.
  8. I'm in steamboat Colorado
  9. The more I've searched the web, I think I'm going to start focusing on a signature 28-30 like you found. I have time.
  10. I have a 3/4 ton truck. I want to explore the lake and spend 2-3 nights at a time on the boat
  11. I'm looking for a boat with a cuddy or cabin cruiser. I only ask about chaparral because that what forum this is.