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  1. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    Update: We are now closing in on 3 months with no boat. Last Friday I borrowed a friend's trailer and had the shop pick up the boat again. Had to borrow a trailer as the shop did not have one available. The latest diagnosis for the RPM drop was throttle cables. Plural, as in one for each motor even though only one motor drops RPM. They are going to pull the starboard drive to "see if the drive and motor are in alignment" to address the thudding/shuddering. Five working days and zero contact from anyone at the shop. Squeeky Wheel Time!
  2. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    Update: Throttle position sensor was not the issue. Brand new one installed last Friday and the issue persists. Guys are due today to re-diagnose. Now over 10 weeks and counting. Hatem: The "keys are in on" means the ignition key is set to "on" but the motors are not cranked. They basically tested the Throttle Position Sensor by having me move the throttle from ilel to full and compared the 2 motors. Port motor went straight to full voltage and stayed there as long as the throttle was at full. Starboard motor took "a few seconds" to hit full voltage and then did not stay at full voltage even though the throttle remained at full.
  3. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    Hatem, Thanks. I tried to upload another photo of her in the water but seem to be getting a constant error message. She does have a bit more of a rearward "rake" than most cuddy boats. With twin 383s she is not quite a go fast boat but she will hit 54 with 3 on board and a 1/2 tank of gas.
  4. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    Phillbo, It took 9+ weeks of terrible communication and no less than three unannounced B.O.A.T. invoice increases but we finally have a good line of communication with the service writer and the techs. Our initial diagnosis and estimate was for 2.5 large herds of deer. The last invoice ended up at 8.7 large herds. We had zero heads up from 2.5 to an interim 6.8, then on to 7.6 and then to 8.7. So after that I finally got a call from the CEO and we hashed things out. I would never say they "owed" us for the diagnostics but after the previous issues, I am just glad they stepped up,
  5. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    New diagnosis. After two trips out to our private dock by the shops crew we have a diagnosis. It seems that the throttle position sensor on the starboard motor has failed or is failing. Voltage drops on it in comparison to the port motor when under load and when the keys are in "on" but the motors are not turning. That seems to explain the RPM drop and possibly the shuddering as the two motors/drives are not balanced when the RPMs are off between motors/drives. The shop is taking care of diagnostic labor. We are going to do the TPS in both motors and they are only charging for one. We should have smooth sailing soon!
  6. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    Phillbo, Even while driving in a straight line?
  7. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    Phillbo, Pretty sure we only have power steering pump on the starboard motor. It was a real bear to steer on the drive down to haul her out for service. My repair guy also went to power steering as a first diagnosis but I question how the shudder would happen while driving straight and if it is the power steering how does that cause the RPMs to drop on that motor? Not just an imbalance of a few RPMs but 400 to 500. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f73DSlfuB8ZyDqJydpHVmXQMOPqiVOxN
  8. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    Sooooo. First cruise after the coupler replacement and we have a new and terrible sounding "shudder and shake" when turning to starboard. Starboard motor was the one with the failed coupler. No issues when turning to port. When the shudder begins the starboard motor will loose RPMs. Sometimes 4-500 rpms compared to the port motor. Does not happen everytime but enough to know something is not right. Happened once while heading straight. Throttling all the way down will slow then stop the shudder. Throttle back up and if straight then generally OK. If in a starboard turn then most of the time the shudder will re-appear. Called the shop and have a ride along scheduled for tomorrow. The freakin' fun never ends.
  9. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    After 2.5 MONTHS we finally have Purple Daze back. So many missed opportunities for communication made this a very challenging service for us. We ended up doing a lot of "while the engine is out" work including a whole new 4 battery system, oil lines on both engines, starter, replaced the transom thru hull gaskets, bellows, gimbal bearings, new fuel sender, trim tab actuators and a few more little items. Also did the engine and outdrive full service including anodes. One huge herd of deer. We did follow wingnut's advice for the big block version of replacement torque coupler.
  10. Wolfsong

    Storm damage - Can I get some help?

    Dozer, We just got our 2835 LE back from a 2.25 MONTH shop stay after experiencing nearly the exact same issue. Cruising out of our cove after a 30 min run at 3K on the twin 250 Mags with B II drives. Shifted to neutral with engines on. Chatted with a neighbor and went to put the drives in forward and the starboard outdrive would not engage. Motor ran but made a "clicking" noise for about 7 seconds before I shut her down. We had already scheduled a haul out for routine maintenance for 2 weeks later so we just let her sit in the slip and got her to the shop. It was the torque coupler that failed. The B III props did the same thing yours are doing. Unfortunately the outdrive and engine both have to be pulled for the coupler. I got some great advice on this forum and asked for the "heavy duty" replacement part instead of the standard one. The 383s really are morel like a big block so we had a "heavy duty big block" torque coupler installed. We also ended up doing a lot of "while the motor is out" stuff as well. Ours is a 1999 so we bit the bullet big time and did oil lines, full engine and drive services, anodes, and had the transom gaskets and internal B III drive seals done. Our boat has captain's call exhaust so the transom work was extra pricey.
  11. Wolfsong

    Lake Lanier recommendations

    We live on the north end of Lake Lanier. Up Thomson Creek near Dawsonville. Love the lake. Weekends down on the south end can be a challenge. Even our 2835 Limited can get a bit choppy when the really big boys go by. Lanier really is a versatile body of water. From deep water drifting for striped bass to weekend overnights on the beaches to long river excursions up the 'hooch and Chestatee Rivers we love living at the lake.
  12. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    Wingnut, thanks for the heads up. I looked up part numbers and found: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000XBH4SC/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=allhttps://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000XBH4SC/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=all Does this look correct? I am a bit of a novice in the world of marine parts. Mike
  13. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    So we finally have a diagnosis. The engine coupler spline has failed. Twenty four hundred deer to remove drive, remove motor, replace engine coupler spline and re-assemble. Does not include oil change in motor or out drive gear oil change. Does that seem out of line? I saw many posts from 2010 to 2012 on other forums referencing prices from 15 hundred to 19 hundred deer. We are going to have the gimbal bearing, bellows, etc checked and replaces as needed and will have the other drive checked as well.
  14. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    Thanks for all of the replies. 6 days until she is hauled out for inspection. Will post an update as soon as we have information.
  15. Wolfsong

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    Wingnut. Will check the lower cable play and pm you for the b3 manual Thanks.