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  1. I'm looking at buying a new AR190 if my used search keeps coming up empty. We have at least 2 dealers within a hour of us ... would welcome anyone's thoughts on Performance East in Goldsboro, NC. I'm new to boating so I'd imagine being pretty dealer dependent for the first few years. Thx.
  2. Hi ... I'm trying to see if someone can chime in to help me until I can bring my tape measure to the Boat Show next month. I've read a whole bunch of the "fit in my garage" questions but I haven't seen anyone give the prop to trailer hitch measure for the 19 H2O. The website specs state that the length on trailer with swing away tongue folder is 21'4" (presuming that's w/o the extended swim platform). Can anyone tell me whether that figure includes the measurement on any part of the outdrive that is sticking out? Also, can anyone tell me what's the shortest storage configuration that you figured out? swing away tongue folded and outdrive down and turned to the side? If so, what was that length? Would welcome links to threads I missed. Thx.
  3. Coki, saw your post on fitting your 18 H2O in your garage.  Chaparral's website says the 18 is 20'7" with the trailer swing-away tongue folded.  Does the outdrive stick out past the swim platform?  Also any tips to find more space - not sure if putting the outdrive all the way down and over to 1 side buys you any more space ...

    I'm trying to see what I can fit into my garage.  Thanks.

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