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  1. Can anyone tell me what the diameter of the depth sounder hole is on the instrument cluster is? I bought the boat used and the gage was missing. I am now trying to replace it with an after market variety. I have a 2002 260 SSI.
  2. I'm having a similar issue with my 260 SSi. I was cruising at 40 mph then it dropped to 30 mph. Idle sounds fine. I just bought new plugs and a fuel filter but have not installed them yet. Can anyone tell me if there is a trick to replacing the fuel filter? I've never done it before but when i used to replace the oil filter in my car I had to put a little oil on the seal to ensure a snug fit.
  3. One more thought. The previous owner said he had the throttle cable replaced last year. Is it possible that it was installed incorrectly so that the throttle isn't engaged fully and is only running at 80%?
  4. Thanks for all the input. I think I'm going to start with new plugs, cap, wires & fuel filter. I spoke with the original boat owner and he couldn't remember when they were replaced last.
  5. I just bought a 2002 260 SSI with the 8.1L Volvo (207 hours). The previous owner just had the bottom painted and said the boat would cruise @ 50mph. I can't get it over 42 mph on smooth water. The RPM @ WOT is only 3800. It also takes 8-10 seconds to get on plane. I called the boat shop at our marina and he said its so slow because of the antifouling paint on the bottom. Digging deeper I found that when this boat was new it's top speed was 57mph @ 4500 rpm. Is the repair shop telling me the truth? He said I could get another 5mph with new props ($1500 for 2). Where do I go from here?
  6. We will be on it this weekend so I'll take a pic of the wiring and the battery switch.
  7. They are both brand new batteries. I just installed them but was unfamiliar with the setup and wiring and wanted to make sure I was charging both when the selector switch was on 1. We took the boat out all day yesterday and I never moved the selector switch off of number 1. It fired right up each time. The batteries I took out were very weak and I had them tested with the same results. Autozone said they were both good and both at 60% charge. Not sure why they were not holding the charge. Thanks for you input. Did the wiring on the battery look correct?
  8. I'm a new owner of an '02 260 SSI. Can anyone tell me if the batteries are installed correctly? Everything seems to be working fine but I want to make sure because they don't hold a charge very well. I had both batteries tested and they said they were good but only had 60% charge. The manual says to start the engine and then put the battery switch to the 1 position while driving to charge both batteries. Any help is appreciated. I have added a pic.