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  1. Badger76

    Using a 196 SSi on big water such as lake Michigan

    Nope - Have experience, was particularly interested if folks have had experience with my particular boat configuration, thats all. Perhaps, that wasn't clear in my post.
  2. Badger76

    Using a 196 SSi on big water such as lake Michigan

    Thanks for imput. All good. Having grown up near Lake Erie with experience in both large and small craft- I respect the power of the lakes. Have pulled more tan a few folks out over the years. Also good for advice on large inland lakes where quick changes in weather or lack of proper equipment can be deadly. Thing with some folks is that they plan to go out get there and the weather changes so instead of just going back and trying another day feel forced to go thru. While the wide beam of the 196 does well in chop to a degree it won't be pleasant.
  3. Have a 196 SSi with the 250 hp Volvo Penta. Very solid on inland lakes but wanted some opinions on using for good weather cruising in south western Lake Superior around Bayfield or Apostle Islands. It does have a wide bow. Appreciate any thoughts from anyone who has used same or similar craft in these types of waters.