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  1. Kd445566

    2003 215ss cockpit drain question

    Thanks sburke. Is that usually a land repair? We have her slipped for the rest of the summer. It is almost like the backwash side has no scupper at all or the flapper broke off. I am going to poke around later today. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  2. Kd445566

    2003 215ss cockpit drain question

    Hey Folks. I just picked up a 2003 215ss on Friday. Took it out for the second time and one of the aft cockpit drains was getting a lot of backwash- carpet was soaked. The other side was bone dry. I jumped in the water to look around the drain holes at the waterline and noticed the dry side had some type of black plate right at the outlet on the side of the boat. Two questions 1) any way to stop the backwash and carpet from getting soaked or do I just deal with it and 2) should the other drain be sealed? It was definitely not a plug that could be removed. The boat has super low hours so I wonder if these come sealed from the factory and old owner just never popped it out? Appreciate any consideration. 2003 215ss sport volvo 5.7L quick and quiet exhaust Seattle, wa