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  1. Do you know anyone who has adapted a Bravo on a 8.1 VP? Or are you suggesting scrapping the motor while it's out?
  2. 124th St South of Shea in Paradise Heights...
  3. We went over the records and it had been at least 2 years since the drive was off....only 18 hours of use since but that doesn't matter...what a shame. If caused by water damage it is on me...what a bummer but lesson learned. Need a new Volvo transom assembly to get started. Prices I've seen are north of $5200...and that just for starters before whatever else is broken and then the labor to pull the motor and do the work etc etc...Best local boat shop I know with heavy mechanical capability has been Bergeron Marine for nearly 50 years. Any ideas on where to source the parts most economically would be hugely appreciated.
  4. That's what I figured. Ever seen one do that much damage? I was literally only gong 16MPH on my GPS and lifted off the throttle and BANG she went. Hopefully can be repaired / replaced...going to be a costly one I am sure. OUCH...but cost of having fun. Wish it was a bit more preventable...
  5. Good Morning Everyone! Sorry for the delay in responding...been digging out from being away. I have a 2002 Chaparral 274 Sunesta Custom...8.1L with the VP DP. 320 Hours. Annual maintenance...but only 12 hours since last full service maintenance 7/16 so nothing done recently this year...much to my regret...not sure it would have mattered. Last service included full fluid changes, gimble service, steering adjust, shift cables checked and lubed. I put 650 hours on my Sea Ray and then bought this boat in 2006 with 50 hours on it. I may not know as much as many of you, but not a complete ignorant #$%^ either. No warning, no noises...possible SLIGHT vibration at just above idle the day before. But did not repeat itself. Never drive above 1/4 trim...1/3 max when beaching. The metal casing is ripped/shredded...looks really expensive to repair but she's a great boat...well worth it. Attached are some pics that I finally figured out how to make smaller so they could be uploaded.
  6. We just ended our Lake Powell vacation 4 days early due to boat failure of epic proportions. We are however very very lucky our failure occurred 500 yards out of the Wahweep marina...or we would have had a potential life threatening situation on our hands. The day before we were 45.5 miles up lake in steep canyons with no radio coverage so we are truly blessed. That emphasized, can anyone explain to me how a mechanical drive system failure could fully compromise my boats integrity? When the drive system "exploded " I was driving straight at 16.5 daughter fell off the skurfer and I lifted on the throttle and BANG GRIND CRUNCH BANG shutdown...WTF...lift the engine cover and see water pouring into the stern of the boat thru the outdrive. From later inspection when safe on the dock the entire drive houing that mounts to the transom was shredded internally....will know more when they get it apart next month...I suspect the U Joint noise. No warning. No real load...what a bummer. Whats most disturbing was the catastrophic damage created. We were going down...30 min tops...thankfully National Park Service saved the day...special thanks to Nick and his team up there at Lake Powell. Anyone ever heard of such a thing?