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  1. NC-H20

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    Congrats on your new H2O - it’s a great boat! Sounds like you have a similar dealer who appreciates your business (i.e., as they should). Enjoy and have a great summer. NC-H2O
  2. NC-H20

    Smith Mountain Lake VA

    Outstanding news - congratulations! I am sure you’ll enjoy the place for years to come. Again, congrats.
  3. NC-H20

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    Sorry to hear of the poor QC on your Vortex. As said earlier, I hope your dealer takes care of you. I know my dealer is awesome. My 2014 H2O has been a fabulous boat. Only two minor items since I bought it. Saw a lot of new Chaparrals on the lake this weekend; unfortunately didn’t see a “surf” version (i.e., really want to see one in action).
  4. NC-H20

    New Chaparral owner

    Congratulations - great looking boat.
  5. NC-H20

    Potential 21 H20 Sport purchase ??

    I have a 2014 H2O -21Sport with the Merc 5.0 - 220 HP. It's a been a fabulous boat so far with only minor warranty items (e.g., depth gauge, tach). I purchased the aluminum trailer which has worked well given that we trailer between the six nearby lakes. The snap-in carpet is a welcome feature when it's extremely hot. Haven't been disappointed with the power of the 220 HP given the family skis and wakeboards - however this is only boat that I've ever operated. At the end of last season I upgraded the sound system with JL Audio cabin/tower speakers/amps/subwoofer. Went with a Kenwood marine receiver. Really looking forward to getting the boat on the water this season to hear more of the system's capability. Congrats on your purchase - it's a great boat for the price.
  6. NC-H20

    Just ordered a 264

    Congratulations!!! Regards,
  7. NC-H20

    H2O 21 Sport - Anchor Size

    Lake/River anchor: It's an anchor shaped like a mushroom which doesn't have cleats like the typical fluke shaped anchors - meant simply for holding a position when there's not a lot of waves on a lake or river (e.g., coves).
  8. NC-H20

    H2O 21 Sport - Anchor Size

    My local dealer had the bow anchor in stock - not overly expensive. I also keep a "lake anchor" in the rear storage compartment for when I want be stationary in a cove.
  9. NC-H20

    Smith Mountain Lake VA

    Fgeo14 - Bernard's Landing is an excellent place - well maintained and a good restaurant on property. We've stayed there a number of times. The Northshore area is great as it has easy access to Westlake Corner and Hardy when not on the water (e.g., Kroger, cinema, Sunken City Brewery) Across the lake southward towards Union Hall and the Edge Water is very nice too, but not enough stores and restaurants for my family. We tend to stay south of the bridge at Moneta. Scott1971 - my H2O has the same color scheme as the boat in your avitar picture
  10. NC-H20

    H20 vs. SSI

    I have '21 Deluxe H2O with the 5.0 engine & wake tower. We've spent almost every weekend on the boat over the last two summers. We haven't had any issues skiing or wake boarding (albeit we're not super aggressive when we ski or wake board). The tower has worked well for wake boarding. Aside from our family, I've had my son and five other teenage boys on-board skiing/wake boarding - one right after the other without a performance issue from the boat. However trying to deep water start a slalom skier was challenging for one of the larger boys - likely a skier issue more than the boat. For us the price point compared to all that a H2O offers is the perfect match for a family activity during the months of June -September. Can't say enough good things about the H2O.
  11. NC-H20

    Tower Speakers & Components for a H2O

    Had the system installed and sounds great. Also decided to upgrade the receiver - went with a Kenwood KMR-D768BT. The only issue so far is that the receiver can sometimes "glitch/stumble" in Bluetooth mode if the Iphone is in the person's pocket at the stern. Not sure there's a fix for that other than to place the Iphone somewhere else.
  12. Bought a H2O a couple of years ago - really enjoying it! Recently during a "boating" vacation, my kids asked if I would have tower speakers installed. Currently we have the stock audio system. Before I reach out to my dealer for options, I thought I would gather some information via the owners forum. Could anyone make a suggestion as to a good - moderately priced system (e.g., brand of speakers and the needed components - amps??)? Also, has anyone had tower speakers installed on their H2O? Where were the speakers installed so as not to interfere with the tower bimini? Thank you in advance for any suggestions or guidance you have to offer. Regards,
  13. NC-H20

    Tower Speakers & Components for a H2O

    Awesome - thanks for your replies Also, the M600/6 I am told is for the tower and cabin speakers. The M200/2 is for the subwoofer, Have a great week.
  14. NC-H20

    Tower Speakers & Components for a H2O

    Thank you for the quick reply - based out of the Triad, but at least twice a month we trailer to lakes somewhere in a sixty-five mile radius (e.g., western Raleigh area, the Northeast Charlotte area or southwestern VA: SML). Really adds a lot of fun being on different lakes.
  15. NC-H20

    Tower Speakers & Components for a H2O

    Considering going with the following set up: Replace cabin speakers with JL Audio MX650-CCX-SG Install JL Audio M600/6 -6 channel D system marine amplifier and a JL Audio M200/2-channel D full-range marine amplifier Install JL Audio M10IB5-SG 10" marine subwoofer Install JL Audio MX770-Etxv3-SG 7.7 inch tower speakers Any thoughts as to the above set up? Regards, NC-H2O
  16. NC-H20

    Tower Speakers & Components for a H2O

    Thank you for the information and quick reply. Regards,
  17. NC-H20

    Smith Mountain Lake Va. info

    My family and I spent last week at SML - weather was awesome! Fortunately the water was only rough on the day we arrived and on the day we left. We prefer the Westlake Corners to Moneta bridge section given the convenience of groceries, restaurants and even a microbrewery or if the weather is bad we drive to Roanoke.
  18. NC-H20

    Tower Speakers & Components for a H2O

    We're focusing on being able to listen to music while behind the boat - anchored in a cove and also maybe having a little more sound while underway (not a fan of disturbing others with my music whether I am on a boat or a motorcycle). I see some boats that have four speakers on the tower and others that have just two. I assume that I can use my stock radio (the kid's Bluetooth their music from the phones) and therefore need an amp and speakers? Again, really don't know anything about sound systems so any guidance is useful. Thanks