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  1. Thank you for the information and quick reply. Regards,
  2. Bought a H2O a couple of years ago - really enjoying it! Recently during a "boating" vacation, my kids asked if I would have tower speakers installed. Currently we have the stock audio system. Before I reach out to my dealer for options, I thought I would gather some information via the owners forum. Could anyone make a suggestion as to a good - moderately priced system (e.g., brand of speakers and the needed components - amps??)? Also, has anyone had tower speakers installed on their H2O? Where were the speakers installed so as not to interfere with the tower bimini? Thank you in advance for any suggestions or guidance you have to offer. Regards,
  3. My family and I spent last week at SML - weather was awesome! Fortunately the water was only rough on the day we arrived and on the day we left. We prefer the Westlake Corners to Moneta bridge section given the convenience of groceries, restaurants and even a microbrewery or if the weather is bad we drive to Roanoke.
  4. We're focusing on being able to listen to music while behind the boat - anchored in a cove and also maybe having a little more sound while underway (not a fan of disturbing others with my music whether I am on a boat or a motorcycle). I see some boats that have four speakers on the tower and others that have just two. I assume that I can use my stock radio (the kid's Bluetooth their music from the phones) and therefore need an amp and speakers? Again, really don't know anything about sound systems so any guidance is useful. Thanks