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  1. With a peace of wood I was able to snug inner nut more which corrected the problem. Thanks so much for the replies.
  2. Have purchased F3 props as we boat at 6000+ foot elevation and the F5's that were on it struggled to get boat on plane. Was able to get F5's off without any issue. I got the F3 rear on and have it tight (says to torque to 45 ft lbs but don't have a way to really get that exact with current prop tool) but when I put on the front F3 prop it hits the rear prop before I can get bolt tight. That makes it so the props can't spin. I have verified the part numbers on the props are 180 degrees apart, the rear nut is tight and nothing works unless I have front nut loose. I will order new nuts but wanted to know if there was a trick or something I am missing to get rear prop back farther or if that is even my issue? Thanks so much.