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  1. You have to click the link to see it and I believe it's 1.43
  2. I'm going to have my wife and 3 kids in it must of the time so I plan on taking it easy anyway. The times there not in it is when I'll push it a little more
  3. We put a less aggressive cam in it and went to a dual plane intake instead of the the tall single plane. The torque curve is fairly flat starting at 2800 through to 5800. Aright around 4800-5000 it's around 500 ft lbs and 525HP. I'll have to dig out my dyno sheet
  4. I like the jet drives but I'm going to keep it the way it is with a out drive. My goal is to keep it "factory" with modern upgrades and wiring and the motor being unique. When I had the motor in my race truck it was pretty crazy it would pull the front wheels but my numbers I posted are from when i detuned it. I made just over 600 at the wheels through a automatic trans. I had the same machine shop turn it down for the boat.
  5. I know the speedo was off or was the original water pickup. I'm thinking it will be a 70+ mph boat with the HP It makes. when it's done and a good out drive on it that can handle 7000 rpm that my motor turns when I'm into it. Ur will not go over 4500 with the alpha.
  6. I prefer the older boats and I've always had my eye on it. I'm not so much worried about resale value as I don't plan or selling it just curious how many of them were still around. Now I have 3 boys of my own I'm a little more family oriented. I still want to go fast but the kids will keep me going slow for a little bit. I know the alpha won't hold up nailing it from a stop but I will be replacing it with a bravo or trs drive the following season. I was a machinist for 10 years so I made a jig and drawings and modified the bellhousing to bolt onto the mopar. I had the motor and the drive in the boat for final alignment and engine bracket design which is done. So now is the tear down I'm hoping to have the deck separated by next weekend. The motor is a 383 it made 543HP 525 ft lbs. It's very docile which is surprising but when the secondaries are open it gets pretty angry. I had a local machine shop build it for me that does mostly boat motor and drag cars. I have around 6k into it and after selling my race car I decided to just put it into the boat because it can. I know when I was 12 I was on it with my dad and his friends and it said we were doing 72. That's with the 383 Chevy it had in it. After that I was hooked and had been keeping tabs on it ever since. The day i got the phone call to come get it he said He was ready to scrap it.
  7. I recently acquired my boat from a family friend that owned it from 89 the boat is a 86 it sat for 10 years with a blown 350 the interior is gone and it's oxidized really bad. My goal is to have it in the water next spring brought back to as close to original as possible but updated. I'm a mopar guy and couldn't help myself but put a big block it in after talking to a guy that does the conversions to mercruiser drives. Unfortunately the stringers are rotted and so it the floor and one of the motor mount towers just at the top so it's getting cut up and I'm separating the deck to do it properly. One question is how rare are these I'm from southern NJ and have never seen another one around here. I'll post pics later today