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  1. Hi, I recently bought a 2004 280 SSi. It has twin VP 5.7 Gi-E engines. My problem is that when I bought it both engine hour meters were working, but now neither is. This is my first boat so I'm wondering if there is some switch that needs to be on for these to work? There has been a lot of work in the engine compartment and I don't know if something was knocked loose or do I just not have them turned on (displaying). Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Sorry for the long delay in responding. Ok, so it was the meters that were bad. They have been replaced, but they both only show.01 hours and they increment when the ignition is on. The boat is out of the water for the season so I haven't actually started the engines. Should this be the case or should they have updated with the current true engine hours? Do the engine have to be running for the meters to show true engine time and if so why would they still increment when the ignition is on, but the engine is not running? Kind of at a loss here and looking for any suggestions.
  3. Hopefully the giant brains of this forum have an idea of what might be causing this. This is on a 2004 280 ssi. I'm only getting 6 volts at my fuse panel. This just started yesterday. All was fine before that. Anyway because of this, none of my helm switches work. There are 12 volts coming out of what looks to be a transformer right above the battery switches and it looks like a wire from there goes to the fuse panel. I'm at a loss. I removed both grounds off the buss bar (I think) and tested each one and both are only showing 6 volts. The house and starboard battery were both old so I replaced both of those. Any ideas or things to try.
  4. I ended up taking my boat to a new shop and had them look at it. it ended up being a bad diode behind the battery switches. Once that was removed I'm back to a full 12V. I never would've found it.
  5. Ok, it looks like the forward bilge might be stuck on. The helm stich shows the bilge is on even though the switch is off. The boat was in the sun last time so I wasn't able to see the light on the switch. I looked for the forward bilge today but couldn't find it. Any idea on where it is or how to get to it?
  6. I thought about that I should've gotten pics as I was almost home. I'm 45 minutes from the boat so I won't be able to get the until next weekend. I'll try to unhook power to the auto bilge and see if that fixes it.. That could be it. The engines are VP 5.7 Gi-E
  7. No, I replaced the batteries because of this. The place where I have the boat left the batteries on and killed them. I jump started it and while it was running I noticed that none of my helm switches were working. I looked at the batteries and the house battery was old so I replaced that. Then the starboard engine wouldn't start with just it's own battery. So with wishful thinking I replaced the starboard battery hoping it was just that.. Now both engines will start on just their own battery, but my helm switches still don't work. I get 12 volts all the way out of the "transformer" but when it gets to the fuse panel I'm down to 6v. I guess here is my main question. How do I go from 12v to 6v? What would cause that or how can that even happen?
  8. I'll update with what I find out.
  9. D'oh! Well dang I was looking for the magic "make these work" switch. Guess I'm ripping out the meters to test\replace them. Thanks for all of the info!
  10. I have two separate Hobbs readouts that are located on either side of the switch dash panel and both stopped working at the same time. Not sure if there is a fuse for these or what the issue is.