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  1. jfed

    possible causes guardian mode

    Thank you for the response. I did resolve the problem but you are right about the amount of the frustration. My issue was slightly different since I was getting a guardian alarm and a low sea water pressure. Of course, at the start of this, I was cheap and did not buy the Diacom software. (I own it now) That cost me time and money ($150 just to tell me the code). Based on the code and the mechanic it looked like a bad pressure sensor. The problem was the part store gave me the wrong pressure sensor (one of oil 1-100PSI instead of 1-50PSI). So I decided to change the impeller and look for blockage (not fun to do while the boat is in the water). After I changed what looked like a 90% good impeller and found no blockage I gave up and took it back to the mechanic. They pointed out I had the wrong part number put in the new sensor and charged me $350 to change a sensor I was able to change in 15 min The part store did take back the wrong sensor. Lessons learned I now have my serial number handy and I'll research the part number instead of relying on the parts counter guy. On another note now that I have the Diacom software can someone past the known good output for a 5.0 MPI. I find that it reports very high oil pressure (90+PSI). It looks fine on dashboard gauge 38-40+ PSI. I also have concerns that my IAC duty cycle is always 98-99% some times with acceleration 60-70% which seems wrong. I ordered a new one with hopes that it helps my hard start when warm/hot issue. Thanks, Josh
  2. jfed

    possible causes guardian mode

    Any update I'm having a similar problem.