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  1. Thanks all. Update on the rough idling situation: I hooked the motor to a Rinda Techmate scanner. The alarm was: Short term Fuel Trim on side 2. Also the spark plug kill test showed only 2 spark plugs where firing correctly. Cleaned the oxygen sensors and replaced the 6 spark plugs, and the problem was solved! Most likely water on the fuel caused this. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Curt. You are right, the motor is not equipped with EVC. The Boat was stored 4 months after the trouble. Afterwards, I hooked the engine with a 3 gallon tank and run the motor with new gasoline and Sea Foam (1 ounce per gallon). I´ll see into the VODIA or DIACOM to diagnose the sensors. Thanks Again!
  3. Thanks Cyclops, Did this with a three gallon tank with fuel additive... worked better; but still rough. The boat was stored during 6 months with tank half full. Gas is 10% ethanol.
  4. Thanks Curt for your valuable input. About the three causes for the alarm: 1. Oil pressure: there is a reading of between 50 PSI and PSI; 2.Engine Coolant overheat: The temperature is 175°F; Exhaust Overheat: I have no indication of that, although the circulating water over the exhaust is just warm to the touch. The data for the Motor is: Volvo Penta V6-200-SX S/N A650797. Unfortunately I am away from the boat and cant get the other info. there is the possibility of water in the fuel or denaturalization of the Ethanol in the Gasoline. How would i check that? Thanks!
  5. Hello All! My Chaparral H2019 Sport with a Volvo Penta V6-200-SX rough idles and stalls. Out of the water she gets up to 5000 RPM, but in the water she goes up onlyto 2000 RPM and when in idle she stalls and turns off. The Alarm beeps every minute or so. The boat has only 29 hours of operation but has been stored for long periods of time. I drained all the fuel in the tank, changed the fuel filter two times, and checked the spark plugs. What would be the next step? I would Appreciate any help.
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