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  1. Meguiaurs Is very good. The Flagship Marine wax is the best. I recommend you watch Drake’s Detailing on You Tube. He has the best technique cleaning, waxing, and caring for a boat. I follow his way of working and he is really good at what he does.
  2. Wingnut Great advise. I will take this back to my mechanic and see what we can do. I appreciate the feedback..
  3. I have to agree on stabil as the everyday fuel stabilizer. I use it with every tankful. Once a year I run a high concentration of sea foam in one tank. If you use a consistent regiment of stabil you should have no issues.
  4. I found water in the oil of my Volvo outdrive. I pressure tested it and it held solid at 15 psi. How can water get into the system if it holds pressure?
  5. Get a spike anchor for the rear. They are cheap, they have a slide collar to drive then in the sand, and they hold! You can buy one at west marine.
  6. JNM drain the fuel tank and put in fresh gas. Replace the fuel filter. Add a can of sea foam to the fuel. Then try starting it again. You probably have the ill effects of ethanol fuel gumming up your fuel system.
  7. I have volvo engines on a 2010 Chaparral. I can run my boat below 3000 RPMs and not have any issues. Anything above that, the EVC alarms go off. I have been told that there is a sensor in the manifold that gets corroded in brackish water and sends an overheating signal through the system. Have your mechanic check that first. It is an inexpensive part and take just a few minutes to replace.
  8. Never had a stain that would not come out. Simple Green or dawn Soap works well.
  9. Have you considered something other than carpet. My 370 has teak floors and we love them. So easy to clean.
  10. Stick down. Once it’s in place, it’s there to stay.
  11. I have had Seadek for a year and it looks the same as the day I put it in. I even spilled some oil on it and Dawn took it right off. The dealer showed me how to use Simple Green on dirty spots, like spider crap, and it comes right off. Most of the time I just rinse it off with a hose. It feels so good under foot and never gets hot. On a 100 degree day in Texas, it was great. Seadek will customize the colors and pattern at no additional charge. I had the Chaparral logo added to the swim deck. I don’t know who thinks it looks bad or can’t be cleaned. Not true.Go with the Seadek brand. There are
  12. Seadek is the only way to go. The custom fit an ease of cleaning is just perfect. You can have any color or pattern combination you like. I am sure there is a deal near you or it’s not a bad DIY project. Go to their site and you will love it. Carpet should be banner from boats!
  13. If you are a boat US member, try them. The web site is easy to use and it allows you to customize size, fonts and style. The options are endless. They usually give 15% off to members. I was very impressed with the product. What really made it nice were the instructions and the application tools that came with the order. I highly recommend them.
  14. Try Cecil’s marine. They stock that stuff
  15. Have you ever considered replacing the carpet with Seadek? I am glad I did in my 370. It is awesome and you can have customers colors and pattern combinations. I highly recommend you look at it before you go the carpet route.
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