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  1. Jim before you do this yourself, have you checked with the dealer or Volvo. The trim pump is a know issue and yours may be covered under a recall. I would check first.
  2. Just get a Toad fish can holder and you will never worry about a cup holder again. https://toadfishoutfitters.com/products/toadfish-non-tipping-can-cooler?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImqrQ7v-f6gIVT_DACh0INQwfEAAYASAAEgL8y_D_BwE I just received on for Father’s Day and they make cup holders obsolete.
  3. My marina allows us to us pellet grills and electric smokers. Traeger is the only way to go. Highly controlled flame and lots of heat.
  4. I installed the fusion 750. It is amazing. The neema 2000 hook up to the Axiom is priceless. Get the wireless remote. It is $50 well spent. The features and function of this stereo is amazing. The sound beats anything I’ve heard.
  5. This can be easily cleaned up with McGuires rubbing compound and then wax with McGuire’s marine wax. You just can’t beat their products. You need a variable speed buffer and a wool pad. You can get one at harbor freight for less than $50. Money well spent. Your not going to beat McGuires products. Let us know how it turns out.
  6. Do you have a subwoofer located at the helm? If you do, remove the speaker and you can easily fish wiring from the control panel to aware in the boat. There is an opening between the hull and the helm supports that allows you to run wiring along the starboard side of the boat. I ran a USB cable from the new Fusion head unit to the helm to connect the phone to the radio. A fish tape comes in handy pulling the wire. I got mine at habour freight and they are worth every penny. I would not attempt this without one. I own a 2010 370 signature. It’s virtually the same boat good luck
  7. The McGuire products are without question the best for keeping your boat looking new. As far as the buffer, any decent variable speed buffer is fine. Spend money on wool pads and microfiber bonnets. Enjoy boating again.
  8. There should be a breaker or fuse to the amp. You may need to reset it. Look for it near the amp or in the engine compartment near the House battery.
  9. Make sure you have a marine mechanic change out the oil in the lower unit. Check the fuel and have it pumped out if you detected any water. You probably have ethanol fuel. It is bad for your engines. If you can’t pump out the old fuel, buy sea foam and run it through the tank. Enjoy your new boat
  10. You should look at the BOGO deals on high back folding seats at west marine. They are $159 each regularly. These are special if you want to sit on the front of the boat and catch some rays in comfort. The ratchet back reclines to the angle most comfortable fo you. The built in cup holder is really nice. They ar a must have in my book.
  11. Here is the engine model GEi-M VP 8.1
  12. Does anyone know how many quarts of oil are needed in a Volvo 8.1?
  13. I went with Seadek too. The range of colors and the ways they customized it for me was awesome. I had the Chaparral logo cut onto the floor on the main deck and the swim platform. That was no extra charge. The dealer already had the pattern on file and turned it around in a week. Love the product.
  14. You can be a pro at maneuvering a boat with a joystick in a weekend of practice. It takes months with a conventional system to become comfortable maneuvering. Go with the joystick. The boat will have a higher resale value when you go to sell.
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