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  1. roland gaudreau

    wiring diagram

    where can I buy a wiring diagram for a 2002 chapparal signature 300 with 5.0 liter engine EFI
  2. roland gaudreau

    Can't start my left motor on 2002 Signature 300??

    yes I did swap coil and it's the same result
  3. Fuel is coming up, My negative on the coil is at 2.6 volt, it becomes very hot when it's on. I got no spark on the plugs and nothing on the coil?? What the #$^% is going on?? Ford 5.0 EFI motor.
  4. roland gaudreau

    engine no start

    chapparal signature 300 2002 v8 5.0 liter engine no start:: negative on coil 2.9 volt ,coil become hot when key on position, no sparks on plugs and coil ???? Help please Roland Gaudreau