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  1. FredO

    My excuse is

    There is always an abundance of fluids to help keep you cool and fun on the water. Sail around with some gin, or test the waters with some whiskey. Pick your poison, but whatever it is, enjoy that water!!
  2. FredO

    Just ordered my first drone

    Very neat! I think I should invest in something like that. Anything to look for in a drone?
  3. FredO

    A senior moment ?

    Happens to the best of us. At least as a senior, you have an excuse. I don't know what you call it when you aren't into the twilight years... but I doubt it is as nice a name as a senior moment.
  4. FredO

    Pictures of various boats and ships

    That Hugo Boss one is photoshopped, right? (The first image). Sometimes I just can't tell.
  5. FredO


    I was lucky not to have to deal with this latest natural disaster. My prayers are with everyone who is going through it. Best wishes everyone! Stay safe.
  6. FredO

    Hairline crack left side hull

    Have you put it in the water yet? If you are sure it wasn't there before, how do you think it happened? Do you have any theories?
  7. FredO

    New Guy

    Hello all, I'm a newbie and I have a lot to learn, but before I delve into that I just wanted to say hello! I spent a bit of time reading through other threads before doing this introduction thing so forgive me. Are there any specific threads that are geared toward helping people get started. If there are, please send them this newbies way, I'd greatly appreciate it. I hope to learn a lot from you all
  8. FredO

    Steering failure

    Ahh no worries, thanks for responding though. I hope the OP is able to solve the issue. Do you know how much work on the joystick drives usually run at?
  9. FredO

    Steering failure

    Does that mean it could be solely a software issue? Or was the programing more of just an access issue for verification of physical changes?