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  1. Not familiar with "insulator", where is that located? Multi pin connector under the dash or at the engine block?
  2. I think we've narrowed it down to an electrical problem. We went back out with the intent of checking fuel as discussed above. However when we got there the boat wouldn't fire up. So,we started troubleshooting again. Timing light on the distributor wire showed no spark. Ughhh. Long story short ended up replacing the coil for a second time. Cleaned up everything again. Checked and reset points and plug gaps. Away she went. When we were troubleshooting we also checked timing as well. One thing we noticed I have a question about I'm hoping some one can answer. We put the timing light on the positive wires coming into the coil and the light showed consistent flicker, light a plug wire. When we put the timing light on the negative wires coming into the coil it showed inconsistent flicker. Is this normal from that side of the coil? Or should it also read consistent? Tachometer no longer works and I believe one of the 3 wires on this side goes to the tech. One of the wires goes to the ground on the distributor... Any thoughts?
  3. Problem started after everything listed above had been done. Did not change the points capacitor but did thoroughly clean everything and sanded contact areas. The gas theory is interesting. I'll give that a shot as well. Only gas in the area (very small town) that is ethenol free is 91 octane. Not sure if that would help? Boat hasn't been run in a couple of years before I got it. Found some water in the fuel already. I've dumped a whole can of sea foam in the tank. Could there still be bad gas, or water that would cause the issue? Would something like heet be worth a shot?
  4. I haven't. It looks good, but cheap enough to replace it. Any other thoughts?
  5. Hey guys, posted a while back and received some help from everyone. Here is the update and work done so far... 1. Replaced coil pack 2. Replaced distributor cap, new plugs, new wires, cleaned and set points and timing 3. Replaced alternator 4. Replaced circulation pump and belts 5. Cleaned top half of carb. 6. Cleaned all electrical points we can get to using a Dremel to clean them up. Next trouble shooting issue. We had the boat out the other day and it was running well. Gauges look good, temp, tach, voltage...after about an hour of running it, upon accelerating (pulling up a skier) it starts to cut out, then fires back up, over and over. Set it back to idle, does fine. Go to accelerate again and it does the same thing. I can keep it running to get back to the dock, just cant push it. What have I missed so far. What would be the next steps to check with this issue. Thanks,
  6. Ok thanks. Any idea on size of battery?
  7. Update: Found water in the fuel system, probably from sitting for a long time. Took apart and cleaned carb, it was a mess. Cleaned and replaced fuel filter. Replaced coil as we weren't getting spark from it. Added seafoam to help current fuel. I had a 450 cranking amp battery that didn't seem to turn the engine enough on start. So we replaced it with a 1000 from my car and it fired up and away she went. I threw the other battery back in (so I could drive home from the lake) and jumped it off the car and it started and stayed running at idle. However, when we took it out the boat died as the battery died. This brings me to 2 questions : 1. What size battery should I be running? 2. Should the alternator keep the boat running without a battery or is there a trickle charge being used off the battery for it to stay running?
  8. Pulling things apart now. Found some water in the fuel and the carb is pretty dirty. Any tricks for getting water out of the gas?
  9. I have checked the oil, oil pressure is good, new battery. Belts feel tight and look good. They are not tacky. I'll check the smell of the oil and take some pics of what you requested shortly. Thanks for replying.
  10. Will do. Any chance it could be the fuel pump? Also, it ran well for the first hour then it sounded like a belt started squealing a little bit then it started what I described earlier. At wot it will speed up then slow down then pick back up, over and over like that. I Attached a pic off the motor where there is a cut hose. Not sure if this supposed to be like this or if it is supposed to be hooked up somewhere.
  11. Just picked up a 1990 1800sl. Has new plugs and wires. Ran it for about an hour and it started choking pretty bad. Can't run it wot without it skipping/missing/choking, pick your adjective. Previous owner said they hadn't run it 3 years. Any ideas where to start trouble shooting this? 3.0l omc cobra