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  1. SCHalvy

    No Engine Gauge Readings on Garmin 741 XS

    I can see all of this (fuel flow, temp, oil pressure, etc) on my "normal" gauges, just want it to show on the GPS....so sounds like i wont need all of those extra sensors?
  2. SCHalvy

    No Engine Gauge Readings on Garmin 741 XS

    What is square tech?
  3. Hey all, Just got my first boat (lots to learn). It is a 2017 246 ssi with the volvo penta 300 engine in it with the garmin 741xs GPS in it. The digital gauges (like fuel consumption, oil pressure, engine temp, etc) are working just fine, but when I try to pull up that info on the GPS unit....nothing. Doesn't seem like the engine is communicating with the GPS. Any idea how to fix that? I googled it and it seems like i need a NMEA 2000 connection, but couldn't find a solution specific to my engine. any help would be appreciated!
  4. SCHalvy

    246 SSI 2016 purchase recommendations

    good deal, great boat...
  5. SCHalvy

    Boat Shipping Recommendation?

    Definitely going to make sure they are fully insured (both liability and cargo), and make sure they have good reviews on uship. What other due diligence should i do on the carrier? also, what insurance documentation should i demand so i'm not just "taking their word for it"?
  6. SCHalvy

    Boat Shipping Recommendation?

  7. SCHalvy

    Boat Shipping Recommendation?

    Definitely a valid point! Would love to avoid driving for 60 hours round trip though...
  8. SCHalvy

    Boat Shipping Recommendation?

    Hey, Just got a 246 SSI and could not be more excited! Only trouble is, the boat is in Alabama (new from a dealer) and I'm in Southern California. Does anyone have any recommendations on economical, but safe, boat shippers? Looking for standard tow away service on its trailer. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!