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  1. That is fantastic to hear!! I am picking up my brand new 2018 264 Sunesta next Wednesday and I am so happy to hear that Chaparral stands behind their products
  2. Thank you for all of the responses!! I thought it was a little short sited by the dealer to suggest I didn't need one. I am going to go ahead and have them install one before I take delivery. Thanks everyone for your input Jonny
  3. I felt the same way.. not a lot of money and peace of mind. Do you use it to call harbor master at marinas when you are heading in to use a slip??
  4. Just purchased my first boat. Will be using it on the Chesapeake Bay. It does not have a VHF radio and I asked the dealer today if he thought I should get one. He said that I shouldn't waste my money. So what do you all think??
  5. I have a place down in Naples. Naples is still a mess! No power, 4 hour lines for gas, limited food stores. Once power returns, Iwould think things turn around rather quickly. FPL put out a message that they expect power restoration by 9/22 Jonny
  6. OK THAT is funny!!!!
  7. That's what I was thinking...
  8. That is badass!!! Love it!!!
  9. Here she is! All paperwork done, just waiting on closing in the next week or 2 Jonny
  10. I just uploaded the pic off my computer onto the post where it says "Drag files here to attach"
  11. Yeah...even if they say it was fine..I just don't want to take the chance. Here is the new boat. BTW... post a pic of that Vette
  12. Decided to walk away from this boat.. I have no idea what happened to it during the hurricane. It is in Marco Island and they got pounded.. I just bought brand new 2018 264 Sunesta!
  13. Go big or go home!!
  14. I really think I will.
  15. Last week I put a contract in on a 2011 264 Sunesta that was down in Marco Island, Fl. The boat was exactly what I wanted but logistics of getting it up here was proving to be a little tough. Additionally, I am really afraid that this boat is going to be clobbered in the hurricane tomorrow as Marco Island is expecting 12-15ft of storm surge. I went to a dealer today who had some nice used Chaps today. Well, I am now the proud owner of a brand new 2018 264 Sunesta. The dealer cut a VERY good deal and I couldn't refuse. I just cancelled the contract on the Marco Island boat! Very excited to have a BRAND new Chap with all the warranty and support!