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  1. I have no problem fitting the rode and the chain and anchor in the anchor locker. Everything fits nicely and I don't take to much care to coil it up. There is a drain hole at the bottom of the locker, but mine needs to be drilled out because it is too small and my locker has been filling up with water
  2. SO i think bow in is going to be easier. It sounds similar to my slip. So if i were you, I would come down the port side of the channel. Right before my bow gets to the slip, I would turn the wheel all the way to starboard and bump into reverse for a second or 2 to swing my stern around. When I am sufficiently lined up with the slip. straighten up and pull in. Even if your stern gets pushed passed a little you still should be able to steer in. I am new to this but it has been working pretty well for my slip Jonny
  3. I have the EXACT boat! Yes it has taken a lot of practice and it still sometimes is just not right. I have found that I was coming in too close the row of slips and it was hard to make the pivot turn. I moved a bit farther out to the center of the channel and then hit reverse to stop as much forward motion.. then start he pivot turn with turning wheel hard to starboard and bumping reverse for 2 sec. then hard to port and bump to forward. then i find I am fairly lined up and I can drive it in in reverse adjusting as necessary. I have also used the pylon as a pivot. the rub rail is pretty stout. Although, i did put a gouge on the rub rail from a piece of metal sticking out on my slip...I was pissed! but thank god it was on the rub rail and not the fiberglass. My boat is a 2018 as well...Just got it in sept... my first boat so I am learning a LOT Jonny
  4. I am going!! Can't wait. Will post pics
  5. Drains do NOT lead to bilge... right out thru the hull
  6. I am sure. Bilge comes out of a different port.
  7. Confirmed! Comes right out of the side of the boat! Question answered
  8. Well there you have it!! going out on the boat tomorrow and i will see it for myself!!
  9. Great Post!!!
  10. I went through the Owners Manual and that was pretty much useless. Only diagrammed out the water supply but not the waste lines from the sink.
  11. Thanks! I will investigate a little further to confirm
  12. Spent the weekend learning all the systems for my new 2018 264 Sunesta. The toilet flush goes into the holding tank... does the water from the sink go there as well or does that get discharged overboard? Thanks in advance for the answer. Jonny
  13. Oh I remember outfitting my Motorcoach.. that was expensive as well.!! But it is all for fun and who cares. Tomorrow is the BIG day!! Taking delivery of my first boat!!! Can't wait!!!!
  14. Class a diesel pusher is the way to go! Go anywhere and be totally self sufficient! I love my 40' Tiffin Phaeton.
  15. Thanks for all of the input!! got to jump online and do some shopping